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Nexus 5 (N5)

Nexus 5 (N5)

$399.99 USD
Vantrue N5 2.5K 4 Channel Front, front cabin, rear cabin and Rear Dash Cam, 4 Way WiFi GPS Dash Camera for Car, 1944P+1080P+1080P+1080p, Voice Control, IR Night Vision, 24Hrs Parking...
Nexus 4 Pro (N4 Pro)

Nexus 4 Pro (N4 Pro)

$379.99 USD
Features: New generation of Novatek's high-level chipset 3-channel 4K Dashcam Customizing Motion Detection Area High image quality and super night vision 5GHz high-frequency Wi-Fi Support up to 512GB microSD card...
Element 3 (E3)

Element 3 (E3)

$299.99 USD
Element 3 Three-Channel voice-controlled smart dashcam,Giving you the best visual experience. Capture details on your fantastic journey all day and night. 5GHz WiFi, Mobile App, GPS,Voice Control,24hr Parking Mode,Night Vision,...
OnDash N4

OnDash N4

$259.99 USD
Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash Cam Single Front 4K | 3 Channel 4K | Sony STARVIS Night Sensor | Motion& Collision Parking Mode | Supercapacitor | WDR | TimeLapse |...
Element 2 (E2)

Element 2 (E2)

$249.99 USD
Element 2 Smart Voice Controlled Front & Rear Dashcam With Low Light Night Vision Parking Mode 1944P+1944P | GPS | WiFi | Voice Control | Wireless Hotkey | Optional CPL...
Element 1 (E1)

Element 1 (E1)

$149.99 USD
Element 1 Voice Control | 2592 x 1944P | Built-in GPS | WiFi | Wireless Hotkeys | HDR | CPL (Optional) | Parking Mode | Support 512GB Card Why choose...
OnDash N2 Pro

OnDash N2 Pro

$169.99 USD
N2 Pro Dual 1080P Front and Inside Dash Cam Dual 1080P Front and Inside Dash Cam With a 170° front facing camera and 140° rear facing camera(80° rotatable) in one...

Welcome to our Top Sellers collection showcasing the most sought-after Vantrue Dash Cams. These top-selling models have earned acclaim for their exceptional performance, innovative features, and reliable functionality, making them favorites among our customers.

Key highlights of our Top Sellers Vantrue Dash Cams collection include:

1. Customer-Favorite Models: Explore the dash cams highly praised by our customers for their quality, reliability, and advanced features, ensuring a superior in-car recording experience.

2. Superior Video Quality: These top-selling models are renowned for their high-resolution video capabilities, capturing clear, detailed footage essential for comprehensive documentation and security.

3. Advanced Features: Experience innovative functionalities like loop recording, G-sensors, parking mode, wide-angle lenses, and other advanced features that ensure continuous surveillance and enhanced driving safety.

4. User-Friendly Design: These top-selling Vantrue Dash Cams offer intuitive interfaces and easy installation, catering to users seeking hassle-free operation and setup.

5. Trusted Performance: Chosen by many for their durability and reliability, these models are crafted to deliver consistent and robust performance under varying driving conditions.

Experience the excellence that comes with our best selling Vantrue Dash Cams. Whether you prioritize safety, documentation, or an enhanced driving experience, these highly sought-after models are designed to meet and exceed your expectations.


Are dash cams worth buying?

Dash cams can be valuable investments for various reasons. Here are a few points to consider when determining if they're worth buying:

1. Evidence in Accidents: Dash cams provide video evidence in the event of accidents, which can be crucial for insurance claims and determining fault.

2. Increased Safety: Knowing they are being recorded, some people tend to drive more cautiously, potentially reducing reckless behavior.

3. Parking Security: Models with parking mode can monitor your car when parked, offering surveillance against theft or vandalism.

4. Peace of Mind: Dash cams can offer peace of mind by recording your journeys and providing a sense of security.

5. Insurance Discounts: In some cases, insurance companies offer discounts for having a dash cam installed, acknowledging its role in improving road safety and providing evidence.

Considering these benefits, the decision to purchase a dash cam can be worthwhile, especially for those seeking added security, safety, and evidence in case of road incidents.