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Element 3 (E3)

Element 3 (E3)

$299.99 USD
Element 3 Three-Channel voice-controlled smart dashcam,Giving you the best visual experience. Capture details on your fantastic journey all day and night. 5GHz WiFi, Mobile App, GPS,Voice Control,24hr Parking Mode,Night Vision,...
Element 2 (E2)

Element 2 (E2)

$249.99 USD
Element 2 Smart Voice Controlled Front & Rear Dashcam With Low Light Night Vision Parking Mode 1944P+1944P | GPS | WiFi | Voice Control | Wireless Hotkey | Optional CPL...
Element 1 (E1)

Element 1 (E1)

$149.99 USD
Element 1 Voice Control | 2592 x 1944P | Built-in GPS | WiFi | Wireless Hotkeys | HDR | CPL (Optional) | Parking Mode | Support 512GB Card Why choose...
Element 1 Lite (E1 Lite)

Element 1 Lite (E1 Lite)

$99.99 USD
Vantrue Element 1 lite Smart Cube Dashcam Voice Control |1920x1080P | Built-in GPS | WiFi | HDR | CPL (Optional) | Parking Mode | Support 512GB Card Full HD Recording Small...

Designed for the modern driver seeking cutting-edge technology and superior performance, the Vantrue E Series stands as a testament to innovation in the realm of dash cam solutions. 

The Vantrue E Series is known for its user-friendly interface, reliable performance, and durability. Benefit from convenient features such as parking mode, built-in Wi-Fi, and compatibility with various vehicle types. Equipped with high-definition resolution, wide-angle lenses, seamless loop recording, and G-sensor functionalities, these dash cams provide an extra layer of security and peace of mind on the road.

Discover a variety of models within the Vantrue E Series, each designed to meet different needs. Whether you're a professional driver, a safety-conscious commuter, or an adventure enthusiast, our collection offers an E Series dash cam tailored to your specific requirements.

Select a Vantrue E Series dash cam and unlock a new level of safety, capturing every moment on the road with precision and confidence. 


What is the advantage of a dash cam?

Dash cams offer several key benefits:
1. Accident Evidence: They record incidents, providing evidence for insurance claims or legal disputes.
2. Safety Promotion: They encourage safer driving habits by recording behavior on the road.
3. Fraud Protection: Dash cams help prevent fraudulent claims, protecting drivers from false accusations.
4. Vehicle Security: Some models offer parking mode, monitoring for break-ins or accidents while the vehicle is parked.
5. Capturing Moments: Dash cams record unexpected or memorable events during drives.
6. Insurance Discounts: In some cases, having a dash cam may lead to reduced insurance premiums.
7. Driver Monitoring (Commercial Use): They're useful for monitoring fleet drivers, ensuring safety and adherence to regulations.

Overall, dash cams provide security, evidence, and potential savings for various driving needs.

Do dash cams record all the time?

Dash cams can record all the time, depending on the settings. They often have continuous recording, capturing footage in a loop that overwrites old files when the storage is full. Some also have event-based recording triggered by sudden movements or impacts, saving specific footage. Additionally, certain models offer a parking mode, recording while the vehicle is parked, activated by motion or impact to monitor the car when not in use.