About Us

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About Vantrue

VANTRUE-VAN links advanced to tech ahead of the industry,while “TRUE”stays back in nature,We have been constantly exploring and developing, in order to provide better service and customer experience.

Our History

Established in 2015 ,Vantrue quickly became a pioneer in the field of smart life.Vantrue quickly became an advanced explorer in the field of intelligent technology. Our awareness of innovation, sensory enjoyment, and ease of use are our constant goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is very clear to simplify modern life through outstanding technical expertise and the best production technology. We look forward to and fully prepare for the challenges of future demands,so you can focus on the moments that really matter.

Our Vision

With the popularity of 5G and the increasing participation of technology in our real life, we will follow higher goals.Vantrue products can help every family and every member.We will have the most advanced technology to ensure everyone’s safety,We hope to be at the forefront to protect and integrate into your life in different ways, becoming the most loyal life partner.