HD Dash Cam

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Vantrue HD Dash Cam Collection

Capture every detail of the road with Vantrue's HD dash cam collection. Designed for drivers who demand high-definition clarity, these dash cams provide crisp, clear recordings, ensuring that nothing goes unnoticed while you're behind the wheel.

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Crystal Clear HD Dash Cam Quality

Our HD dash cams boast superior resolution to bring you vivid footage of every drive. With enhanced pixel density and fine image detail, these cameras are the ideal choice for capturing license plates, street signs, and pivotal moments with precision.

Wide-Angle Views for Comprehensive Coverage

The Vantrue HD dash cams come equipped with wide-angle lenses that extend your field of vision, covering more of the road and its surroundings. This breadth of coverage means more protection and a better understanding of any road events.

Night Vision for Round-the-Clock Recording

Low-light scenarios are no match for our HD dash cams. With advanced sensors and night vision capabilities, you'll receive high-quality footage at all hours, ensuring that your drives are fully documented, day or night.

Reliable Recording with Robust Features

Expect more than just high-definition video. Our HD dash cams are packed with features like loop recording, impact detection, and parking mode to deliver not just visually stunning footage but also a dependable monitoring system.

Choose Vantrue's HD dash cam collection for a perfect blend of visual excellence and practicality. Drive with the confidence that comes from having a high-resolution eye on the road, capturing every detail of your driving narrative.


Is full HD enough for a dash cam?

Yes, Full HD (1080p) resolution is generally considered sufficient for a dash cam. Full HD provides a clear and detailed video quality that is suitable for capturing important details on the road, such as license plates, road signs, and other relevant information. It offers a good balance between image clarity and file size, making it easier to manage storage space compared to higher resolutions like 4K. Unless you specifically require or prefer the highest level of detail, Full HD resolution is typically considered more than enough for most dash cam applications.

How long does a 128GB SD card last in a dash cam?

The recording duration of a 128GB SD card in a dash cam depends on factors such as the resolution, bitrate, and recording length. As a general estimate, with an average bitrate of 20 Mbps for 1080p resolution, a 128GB SD card can store approximately 12 hours of recorded footage. However, actual recording times may vary based on the specific settings and compression used by the dash cam. It's advisable to consult the dash cam's documentation for more accurate information on recording durations with different configurations.

Which is better 1080p or 1296p?

The choice between 1080p and 1296p resolutions depends on your priorities. While 1296p offers slightly sharper footage, it also consumes more storage space. For most users, the difference in image quality may not be significant, making 1080p a practical choice. Consider your needs, storage capacity, and overall dash cam performance to make the best decision for you.

How long will a 1080p dash cam record for?

The recording duration of a 1080p dash cam depends on factors such as the size of the SD card, recording settings, and loop recording functionality. As a rough estimate, with a 128GB SD card and typical recording settings, a 1080p dash cam can record approximately 12 to 15 hours of continuous footage before it starts overwriting the oldest recordings. However, actual recording time may vary based on specific dash cam models, compression settings, and other factors. It's recommended to consult the dash cam's user manual or specifications for more accurate information on recording durations with your particular setup.