1080P Dash Cam

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Element 1 Lite (E1 Lite)

Element 1 Lite (E1 Lite)

$99.99 USD
Vantrue Element 1 lite Smart Cube Dashcam Voice Control |1920x1080P | Built-in GPS | WiFi | HDR | CPL (Optional) | Parking Mode | Support 512GB Card Full HD Recording Small...
OnDash N1 Pro (2023)

OnDash N1 Pro (2023)

$79.99 USD
Vantrue N1 Pro Mini 1080P Full HD Car Dash Cam Small but powerful! Based on the Sony image sensor and a 6-layer optical glass lens with F1.8 Aperture, the Vantrue...

Vantrue 1080P Dash Cam Collection: See Every Detail, Capture Every Moment!

Elevate your driving experience with our exclusive collection of high-definition dashcams. Designed to deliver unparalleled clarity and precision, our 1080P cameras ensure every moment on the road is vividly recorded with exceptional detail.

With the power of 1080P resolution, enjoy crystal-clear video quality, sharper images, and superior clarity even in low-light conditions. Vantrue's dashcams offer an advanced recording experience, empowering you to capture crucial details for safety, evidence, and peace of mind while on the go.

Whether for safeguarding your journeys, legal documentation, or immortalizing unforgettable road trips, our 1080P dashcams are the ultimate choice. Backed by Vantrue's commitment to top-tier quality and reliability, these cameras redefine your driving experience with exceptional video capture and performance.

Choose a 1080P dashcam that aligns with your needs and witness the difference in clarity and precision. Explore our collection today and seize the power of Vantrue's high-definition dashcams—see more, capture more, and drive with confidence!


Is 1080p enough for a dash cam?

Absolutely. It provides clear and detailed footage, making it easy to see important details like license plates and road signs. With 1080P, you'll get sharp video quality and a good balance between clarity and storage space, ensuring you capture essential information on the road without producing excessively large file sizes. For most users, a 1080P dash cam is a practical and cost-effective choice, offering the right level of quality for everyday driving scenarios.

What size memory card to use for a 1080P dash cam?

For a 1080P dash cam, a 64GB memory card is generally suitable. Ensure the card is high-quality, Class 10 or higher, to support the necessary write speeds for video recording. Choose the size based on how much footage you want to store before overwriting and the dash cam's supported capacity, ensuring you regularly back up important recordings to prevent data loss.