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Vantrue Hardwire Dash Cams for Uninterrupted Recording

Explore the reliability and convenience of continuous recording with Vantrue's selection of hardwire dash cams. Tailored for those who value constant vigilance, our collection ensures that your vehicle is monitored in parking mode without draining the battery.

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Choose the Best Hardwire Dash Cams

Selecting the right hardwire dash cam can offer permanent, worry-free operation. Vantrue's range includes models with cutting-edge features like 4K resolution, motion detection, and Wi-Fi connectivity, all designed to provide round-the-clock coverage and peace of mind.

Easy Installation Process

Installing a hardwire dash cam shouldn't be a headache. Our kits come with everything you need to connect directly to your vehicle's fuse box. Detailed instructions and customer support make it simple for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike to equip their cars with continuous power.

Advanced Parking Mode Protection

With Vantrue hardwire dash cams, your vehicle is guarded even when you’re not around. The parking mode feature activates the camera upon detecting any bumps or physical movements, capturing potential incidents and acting as a silent witness to protect your car from hit-and-runs and vandalism.

Seamless Integration with Your Vehicle

Designed to integrate elegantly with your car's electrical system, Vantrue's hardwire dash cams maintain a clean interior aesthetic while providing constant security. Their discreet presence ensures that your view remains unobstructed and your dashboard free from clutter.

Vantrue's hardwire dash cam collection merges simplicity with sophisticated technology. These cameras are the steadfast eyes on the road, delivering security and evidence when it counts. For drivers seeking a permanent solution to in-car surveillance, a hardwire dash cam from Vantrue is the definitive choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to hardwire a dash cam?

Hardwiring a dash cam offers several advantages over using the traditional 12V power outlet. It ensures a constant and uninterrupted power supply, eliminating the need for batteries or recharging. Additionally, hardwiring provides a clean and discreet installation, reducing the risk of theft and improving aesthetics. It also enables advanced features such as parking mode and motion detection for enhanced security. Remember that proper installation is crucial to avoid any interference with the vehicle's electrical system. If unsure, consulting a professional is recommended.

Is hardwiring a dash cam bad for battery?

Hardwiring a dash cam to your vehicle's electrical system is generally not harmful to the battery. Dash cams consume minimal power and are designed with voltage cutoff features to prevent excessive battery drainage. Proper installation, wiring to an ignition-controlled power source, and using parking mode or low-power standby mode can further minimize any impact on the battery. 

How do you hardwire a dash cam to a car?

Here are the steps for hardwiring a dash cam to a car:

1. Find a suitable location for the dash cam that doesn't obstruct visibility.
2. Locate a power source, such as the fuse box or a powered mirror.
3. Prepare the necessary tools and materials, including a dash cam hardwiring kit.
4. Connect the power cable to the dash cam and route it along the interior, hiding it behind panels.
5. Access the fuse box and choose a non-critical fuse to tap into.
6. Install the fuse tap and connect the power cable to it.
7. Test the connection using a multimeter.
8. Secure and tidy the wiring with adhesive clips or ties.
9. Reassemble any removed panels and test the dash cam's operation.
10. If unsure, seek professional assistance.

Does hardwiring a dash cam void insurance?

In general, hardwiring a dash cam to your vehicle does not void insurance. Dash cams are typically seen as a passive safety feature that can provide valuable evidence in case of accidents or incidents. While it's a good idea to review your specific insurance policy and consult with your provider, most insurers recognize the benefits of dash cams and may even offer discounts for having one installed. Just ensure proper installation and inform your insurance provider to address any concerns or questions regarding coverage.