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Welcome to our collection of dash cam accessories! Dive into a world of innovation and enhancement for your dashboard camera experience. Our collection offers a wide array of essential and specialized accessories to complement, upgrade, and maximize the capabilities of your dash cam.

Explore the various categories of accessories available in our collection:

1. Mounts and Installation Tools: Find a range of mounts, suction cups, and installation tools designed to securely and conveniently affix your dash cam to your vehicle, ensuring optimal positioning for clear and reliable recording.

2. Power Solutions: Discover power cables, adapters, and hardwire kits that provide continuous and reliable power to your dash cam, enabling extended use, parking mode functionality, and uninterrupted surveillance.

3. Connectivity and Storage: Explore a variety of memory cards and connectivity accessories that enable seamless data transfer, additional features, and easy access to your dash cam recordings via various devices.

With our diverse range of dash cam accessories, you can customize, optimize, and elevate your dash cam experience, tailoring it to meet your specific needs and preferences. Whether you seek enhanced security, improved functionality, or convenient installation, our collection has the perfect accessory to complement your dash cam.

Explore our comprehensive range of dash cam accessories and find the ideal additions to take your dashboard camera setup to the next level. Elevate your driving experience with our premium selection of accessories.


Where can I put my dash cam?

You can place your dash cam behind the rear-view mirror, at the top of the windshield, or on the dashboard. Mounting it behind the mirror offers a clear view without blocking your sight, while positioning it higher on the windshield captures more of the road. Placing it on the dashboard might obstruct your view or make it prone to theft. Make sure the dash cam is securely mounted and follows local laws regarding placement within the car for safety and legal compliance.

Can I mount my dash cam on the dashboard?

Yes, you can mount your dash cam on the dashboard if you prefer. It's important to ensure the placement doesn't obstruct your view or create distractions while driving. Some dash cams come with adhesive mounts designed for the dashboard, but be mindful of sun glare and heat as it might affect the dash cam's performance. Overall, choose a location on the dashboard that allows for a clear view while driving and consider measures to minimize any potential issues with glare or overheating.

Do dash cams need to be professionally installed?

Dash cams typically do not require professional installation. Many dash cams are designed for easy self-installation, and you can also purchase user-friendly mounting kits, cables, and other accessories separately. Most users can install a dash cam themselves by following the provided instructions. It usually involves attaching the mount to the windshield, connecting the power cable (either to the car's USB port or the accessory outlet), and adjusting the settings on the dash cam.

However, if you're unsure about the installation process, or if your car requires a more complex installation due to its electrical system or if you want a hidden or hardwired installation, you might consider seeking professional help. But in general, most dash cams can be easily and safely installed by the user without professional assistance.