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Vantrue Front & Rear Dash Cam Collection

Elevate your vehicle's safety with Vantrue's front & rear dash cam collection, meticulously designed to provide drivers with dual-angle coverage for comprehensive road surveillance.

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Dual Coverage with Front & Rear Dash Cam

Maximize your driving security with the Vantrue front & rear dash cams. These devices offer synchronized front and rear recording, capturing every detail that occurs both ahead of and behind your vehicle.

Superior Video Quality in All Conditions

The Vantrue front & rear dash cams ensure that no detail goes unnoticed, thanks to their crystal-clear video quality. Be it blazing sunlight or the darkest night, these cameras provide consistent, high-definition footage.

Dependable Recording Technology

With features like loop recording and G-sensor-triggered event capture, Vantrue's front & rear dash cams are reliable tools for documenting your drives. You can count on these cams to preserve vital moments, should you ever need them.

User-Friendly Design

Made with the driver in mind, the Vantrue front & rear dash cams are known for their user-friendly design. Installation and operation are straightforward, allowing you to focus more on driving and less on tech setup.

Vantrue's front & rear dash cam collection is the perfect choice for those seeking full protection and peace of mind on the road. With dual cameras working in tandem, you're covered from bumper to bumper, capturing every crucial second of your journey.


Is it best to have a front and rear dash cam?

Having both front and rear dashcams provides complete coverage, capturing incidents from all angles for a more comprehensive view of events on the road and while parked. This setup offers added security against rear-end collisions and hit-and-runs, potentially reducing insurance costs due to the increased safety and evidence these cameras provide. Overall, while a front dashcam alone is helpful, having both front and rear dashcams offers a more comprehensive and secure recording solution.

What is the best dash cam for front & rear?

One of the best front & rear dash cams from Vantrue is the Vantrue N2 Pro. It offers a dual-camera setup that records the road ahead in high-definition while also capturing the interior of the vehicle with a rear-facing camera, making it ideal for both personal use and professional drivers such as rideshare service providers. The front camera captures a wide-angle view, and the cabin camera is equipped with infrared night vision for clear recording in low-light conditions. With its top-notch video quality, reliability, and ease of use, the Vantrue N2 Pro is a solid choice for anyone looking for comprehensive coverage from their dash cam setup.

Do dash cams record front and back?

Yes, many dash cams are designed to record both the front and back views of your vehicle. These are known as dual dash cams, and they typically come with two separate cameras—one to mount on the windshield to record the road ahead and another to mount on the rear window to capture what's happening behind the vehicle. Some models integrate both cameras into a single unit, with the rear camera facing inward to record the vehicle's cabin, which can be particularly useful for rideshare drivers. These dual dash cams provide a more complete picture of incidents by capturing footage from both directions, offering added security and evidence in case of accidents or other road events.

Does your insurance go down if you have a dash cam?

While some insurance companies may offer discounts on premiums for vehicles equipped with dash cams, the availability of such discounts depends on the insurer and the region. Dash cams can encourage safer driving and provide valuable evidence in case of accidents, leading certain insurers to provide financial incentives. However, not all insurers have the same policies regarding dash cams, so it's essential to check with your specific insurance provider to determine if such a discount applies to you.