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Vantrue microSD Card

Vantrue microSD Card

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Speeds Transfer read speeds up to 80MB/s, writing speed 70MB/s, ensures smooth video capture. Supports Supports 4K and 1080P Full HD video recording and playback with UHS Speed Class U3...

Welcome to selection of Micro SD Cards tailored for Vantrue Dash Cams. Explore a range of high-quality, high-capacity memory cards specifically optimized for seamless compatibility and superior performance with your Vantrue dashboard camera.

Key features of our Micro SD Cards collection include:

1. Tailored Compatibility: These cards are specifically selected and optimized to meet the rigorous demands of Vantrue dash cams, ensuring seamless functionality and optimal performance.

2. High Capacity and Reliability: Discover a variety of high-capacity cards designed to provide ample space for storing high-definition video recordings, ensuring prolonged and continuous recording without worrying about storage limitations.

3. Speed and Endurance: Our collection includes micro SD cards with fast read/write speeds and endurance, allowing for smooth, consistent recording, even in extreme conditions and high-resolution settings.

4. Longevity and Durability: These memory cards are built to withstand the robust nature of continuous dash cam recording, offering durability and reliability over extended periods.

5. Trusted Quality: Each micro SD card in our collection undergoes stringent testing, ensuring reliability, authenticity, and the preservation of your valuable footage.

Enhance your Vantrue dash cam's recording capabilities with our exclusive micro SD cards. Find the ideal storage solution that ensures seamless and reliable performance, allowing you to capture every moment worry-free.

Explore our range of high-capacity and high-performance Micro SD Cards tailored for Vantrue dash cams. Choose the perfect memory card to elevate your dash cam experience and ensure consistent, uninterrupted recording.


What happens when a dash cam sd card is full?

When a dash cam's SD card is full, it typically either overwrites the oldest recordings in a loop to make space for new footage or stops recording, depending on the camera's settings. Loop recording continuously replaces old files with new ones, ensuring the camera always has space for recordings. If the dash cam isn’t set for loop recording or reaches full capacity, it might stop recording until space is cleared by deleting old files or increasing the SD card's capacity to ensure continuous recording. Regularly managing the memory is essential to prevent the loss of important footage.

How often should I replace a dashcam SD card?

The frequency of replacing a dash cam's SD card depends on its endurance, usage, and condition. High-quality, durable cards such as Vantrue MicroSD cards can last several years with regular use. Larger capacity cards, managed effectively with loop recording, may not need frequent replacements. Regularly formatting the card in the dash cam and checking for any issues is crucial.

Do I need to format a microSD card before use?

It's a good idea to format a new microSD card before using it in your dash cam. Formatting creates a clean slate, reducing the chances of potential errors or issues while using the card in the dash cam. Remember to back up any important data before formatting, as it erases all existing information. Follow the instructions provided in the dash cam's manual for the recommended formatting process to properly prepare the microSD card for use.