Dash Cam with GPS

Nexus 5 (N5)

Nexus 5 (N5)

$399.99 USD
Vantrue N5 2.5K 4チャンネルフロント、車内の前後、リアカメラドライブレコーダー、4ウェイWiFiとGPSドライブレコーダー、1944P+1080P+1080P、音声コントロール、IRナイトビジョン、24時間駐車モード、動体検出、最大512GBまでSDカード対応
Element 2 (E2)

Element 2 (E2)

$249.99 USD
Element 2 音声コントロールと低照度暗視機能付きパーキングモード 1944P+1944P|GPS|WiFi|音声コントロール|ワイヤレスホットキー|オプションCPL|パーキングモード|スーパーキャパシタ|最大512GBまで対応可能 Vantrue Element 2 を選ぶ理由は? バージョンアップ後は、消費電力が低くなり、耐熱性が強くなります 最先端技術のNovatekハイテクチップ SONY 500万画素の超高感光のイメージプロセッサー 二重の2K高解像度により、暗い場所でも簡単にナンバープレートを捉えることができます WDR広いダイナミックレンジ技術により、完璧な画像ディテールを提供します。 5G/BT4.0 ハイバンドWi-Fi CPLフィルターは無効の反射光を最適化し、画質を向上させます 最大512GBのSDカードに対応 専用ワイヤレスホットキーで、素晴らしい瞬間をキャッチします 音声操作ですべてが簡単になり、両手が自由になります 多言語対応 WiFiとアプリ制御 Vantrueアプリでスマホをドライブレコーダーに接続し、設定の調整、フロントカメラからの景色の確認、モバイルデバイスへのファイル転送ができます。 2.5K録音 SONY製センサーを採用したE2は、前後を2596×1944P 24FPSで撮影し、昼夜を問わず遠くのナンバープレートや道路標識を鮮明に映し出すなど、驚くほどのディテールを実現しています。 音声コントロール 先進な音声コントロールにより、写真撮影、マイクのミュート/アンミュート、録画の開始/終了、ビデオのロックなどを、多言語の音声コマンドで行うことができます。 いつでも、どこでも、プライバシーを守ります。 ワイヤレスホットキー...
Nexus 4 Pro (N4 Pro)

Nexus 4 Pro (N4 Pro)

$379.99 USD
ノバテックの新世代先進チップセットを備え備えている備え 3チャンネル4Kドライブレコーダー 動体検知ゾーンのカスタマイズ 高画質と優れたナイトビジョン 5GHzの高周波Wi-Fi 最大512GBのmicroSDカードに対応 信頼性の高い事故の目撃者 簡単な取り付け

Welcome to our collection featuring Vantrue dash cams with GPS. These state-of-the-art dash cams are designed to provide you with an enhanced driving experience and unparalleled peace of mind on the road.

Equipped with built-in GPS functionality, these dash cams offer accurate tracking of your route, speed, and location, ensuring detailed and reliable data for added security. Whether you're a long-haul trucker, a delivery driver, or a fleet manager, our Vantrue dash cams with GPS are the perfect companion for capturing crucial moments during your journeys.

Browse through our collection and choose the ideal dash cam that combines advanced GPS features with Vantrue's renowned quality and reliability. Drive with confidence and never miss a moment with Vantrue dash cams with GPS.


Is GPS worth it on a dash cam?

GPS can be a valuable feature to have on a dash cam, depending on your specific needs and priorities. Here are a few advantages of having GPS functionality on a dash cam:

1. Accurate Data: GPS allows the dash cam to capture and record important information such as your vehicle's speed, location, and route. This data can be useful in providing evidence in case of an incident or accident, helping to establish the facts and potentially resolving any disputes.

2. Enhanced Security: With GPS, you can track the exact location of your vehicle, which can be helpful in case of theft or unauthorized use. It provides an additional layer of security and increases the chances of recovering your vehicle.

3. Detailed Incident Analysis: GPS data, combined with video footage, provides a more comprehensive view of incidents or events. It enables you to analyze the sequence of events, understand the context, and make more informed decisions.

4. Geotagging and Mapping: GPS-enabled dash cams can automatically geotag your recordings, linking them to specific locations on a map. This feature can be useful for reviewing your travel routes, documenting your journeys, or sharing interesting locations with others.

While GPS can be beneficial, it's essential to consider your specific requirements and budget. If you prioritize accurate data, security, and detailed incident analysis, then a dash cam with GPS functionality may be worth the investment.

How accurate is a dash cam GPS?

Modern GPS technology used in Vantrue dash cams generally provides accurate location, speed, and route data. Factors like signal strength, environmental conditions, and urban areas with tall buildings can affect accuracy to some extent. However, for most applications such as recording routes and tracking speed, dash cam GPS systems offer sufficiently accurate data. 

Can you turn off GPS on a dash cam?

Yes, in most cases, you can turn off the GPS functionality on a dash cam if you choose not to use it. Dash cams typically provide settings or options to enable or disable GPS through their menu or settings interface. Disabling GPS can be helpful if you don't need location tracking, speed recording, or geotagging, and it can also conserve power or address privacy concerns. Refer to the dash cam's user manual for specific steps to disable GPS, as the process may vary.

Can I view my dash cam remotely?

Yes, depending on your dash cam's features, you may be able to view it remotely. Some dash cams have built-in Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity, allowing you to access the live feed or recorded footage from a remote location using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Wi-Fi connectivity requires connecting your device to the dash cam's Wi-Fi network and using a corresponding app or web interface, while cellular connectivity may require a separate data plan or subscription.