Dash Cam for Fleet Vehicles

Nexus 5 (N5)

Nexus 5 (N5)

$399.99 USD
Vantrue N5 2.5K 4チャンネルフロント、車内の前後、リアカメラドライブレコーダー、4ウェイWiFiとGPSドライブレコーダー、1944P+1080P+1080P、音声コントロール、IRナイトビジョン、24時間駐車モード、動体検出、最大512GBまでSDカード対応
Ondash N4

Ondash N4

$259.99 USD
Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash Cam シングルフロント4K|3チャンネル4K|ソニーSTARVISナイトセンサー|モーション&クラッシュパーキングモード|スーパーキャパシター|WDR|タイムラプス|320°ワイドアングル ほぼ全視野 3チャンネルのスーパーHDドライブレコーダー 1440P+1080P+1080P 30fps 前方、車内、後方を同時にほぼ全景録画し、外出先での全方位的な保護を提供します。 シングルフロント4K (2160P@25fps) 通常のHD録画の4倍画素数で、道路標識やナンバープレートなど、ほとんどの細部を読み取ることができます。 スーパーナイトビジョン 高性能のソニーSTARVIS CMOSセンサーとF1.4大口径の6枚レンズで道路前方を見て、F1.8の6枚レンズで車の後部を見ます。暗い場面で自動的に露出を上げ、シャープな映像を撮影します。 赤外線LED4個 車両と向き合う 車内の光源が不足した場合、赤外線で光を補うことができます。 24時間駐車場監視 3つの駐車検知モードを設定でき、駐車中の車を7/24時間ガードします。 動体検知 ドライブレコーダーは待機状態にあり、フロントカメラまたは内蔵カメラが移動体を検知するとき、ドライブレコーダーを目覚めさせます。 衝撃検知 省エネ動体検知パーキングモードでは、カーレコーダーの電源を切った状態で衝突を検知すると、自動的に電源が入り、衝突を記録します。 低ビットレート記録 最小のファイルサイズ(720P@15fps)で連続の音声記録を維持し、SDカードの容量をより多く節約することができます。 広いダイナミックレンジ(WDR)...
Nexus 4 Pro (N4 Pro)

Nexus 4 Pro (N4 Pro)

$379.99 USD
ノバテックの新世代先進チップセットを備え備えている備え 3チャンネル4Kドライブレコーダー 動体検知ゾーンのカスタマイズ 高画質と優れたナイトビジョン 5GHzの高周波Wi-Fi 最大512GBのmicroSDカードに対応 信頼性の高い事故の目撃者 簡単な取り付け

Elevate fleet safety and security with our specialized collection of dash cams tailored for fleet vehicles.

Explore a range of high-performance cameras designed to meet the unique demands of commercial vehicle fleets. From dual-lens recording to night vision capabilities, these dash cams offer comprehensive monitoring and incident documentation.

Improve driver safety, ensure accountability, and protect your fleet with our selection of top-tier dash cams. Equip your vehicles with reliable, high-definition cameras to enhance safety measures, monitor driving behavior, and safeguard against potential incidents on the road.


What is a fleet dashcam?

A fleet dashcam is a specialized type of camera used in commercial vehicle fleets for monitoring and recording the surroundings and driver behavior. It's designed for trucks, delivery vans, taxis, and other business-operated vehicles. These cameras come with features like dual-lens recording, GPS tracking, and G-force sensors, aiming to improve driver safety, aid in insurance claims, monitor vehicle maintenance, and provide evidence in case of accidents or disputes. Essentially, fleet dashcams enhance overall safety, security, and management of a company's vehicle operations by offering a comprehensive view of driving behaviors and potential incidents on the road.

What is the best dashcam for truckers?

The Vantrue N4 is a strong contender, known for its front, inside, and rear-facing coverage, infrared night vision, and good video quality, making it a versatile choice for truckers needing comprehensive monitoring and reliability on the road. Always ensure it complies with local laws and consider features like durability, night vision, and wide-angle lenses when choosing a dashcam.

Do dashcams only record when the car is on?

Dashcams have different recording modes. They can record continuously while the car is in use, capturing footage even when the engine is off through features like parking mode, activated by motion sensors or impact detection. Some dashcams with parking mode can record in a more energy-efficient manner when the car is off, triggered by events like motion or collisions. However, the specifics vary based on the dashcam model, some requiring hardwiring for parking mode, while others use a built-in battery. It's essential to check the dashcam's features to understand its recording modes when the car is on and off.

Do dashcams automatically delete footage?

Yes, many dashcams use loop recording, which automatically deletes older footage to make room for new recordings. Once the storage is full, the dashcam overwrites the oldest footage with new footage, typically in segments that can range from one to several minutes. However, important or protected footage, manually or automatically marked, is not deleted during this process. It's essential to regularly save any significant or noteworthy footage to prevent it from being automatically replaced during loop recording.