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Vantrue Only Front Dashcam Collection

Dive into the Vantrue only front dashcam collection, meticulously crafted to offer unparalleled forward-facing road surveillance for drivers focused on the road ahead.

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Choose an Only Front Dashcam for Focused Coverage

Select from a variety of Vantrue’s only front dashcams for high-definition road footage that prioritizes the view in front of you. These single-lens cameras provide detailed, expansive coverage where it matters most.

Exceptional Video Quality

Every Vantrue only front dashcam is equipped with top-tier video capture technology to ensure that every frame is recorded in crystal-clear quality. Whether for incident documentation or capturing scenic drives, these dashcams deliver consistently exceptional footage.

Reliable Performance in Every Journey

Vantrue’s only front dashcams are designed for reliability, with features like loop recording and auto-start functionality. They're ready to go as soon as your ignition turns on, providing steadfast performance trip after trip.

Easy Installation and User-Friendly Experience

The Vantrue only front dashcam series boasts an easy installation process and a user experience that's intuitive no matter your tech skills. Get set up in minutes and start recording your drives without any hassle.

The Vantrue only front dashcam collection is tailored for drivers who want a straightforward, high-quality recording solution without the additional complexity of multiple lenses. Enjoy the simplicity and security of front-end coverage that stands out in the market.


What does a front dash cam do?

A front dashcam is a small device installed on a vehicle's dashboard or windshield to continuously record the view ahead while driving. It serves as evidence in accidents, deters reckless driving, provides security while parked, and can even monitor driving behavior. In essence, it's a tool for safety, security, and documentation of road-related events.

Where should a front dash cam be placed?

Place the front dashcam behind the rearview mirror on the windshield, ideally in the center or slightly off-center. Ensure it's securely mounted and not obstructed by the windshield wipers, allowing an unobstructed view of the road without interfering with your visibility.

Is just a front dash cam enough?

A front dash cam can be sufficient for recording events in front of your vehicle, which is suitable for most driving situations. However, for full coverage that includes the rear and sides of your car, especially to document rear-end collisions or incidents while parking, a dual dash cam system may be more appropriate. Your decision should be based on your coverage needs, budget, and driving conditions.

Are you allowed to use your phone as a dash cam?

You can use your smartphone as a dash cam by using a dedicated app, but you need a secure mount, a constant power supply to prevent battery drain, and you must be mindful of storage space and overheating issues. Also, ensure that using a phone in this way complies with local laws regarding driving and windshield obstructions. Dedicated dash cams might be more reliable for long-term use and are designed to handle the rigors of driving conditions more effectively than smartphones.