Motorcycle Dash Cams

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Motorcycle Cameras: Your Ride's Essential Companion

Motorcycle cameras are a road trip's best friend. With our selection of the best motorcycle camera options, every ride becomes an adventure waiting to be captured.

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Helmet Cameras

Immerse in the thrill of the journey with our helmet cameras. From single lens helmet cams to the panoramic 360 camera for motorcycle enthusiasts, we've got your adventures covered.

Camera-Integrated Helmets

Experience seamless recording with our camera with helmet options. These integrated solutions combine protection and technology, offering a hassle-free ride documentation experience.

Motorcycle Cams: Built for Adventure

Our cams for motorcycles are engineered for durability and performance. Choose from various mounting options, including the popular dashcam motorcycle models, for a clear road view.

Choosing Your Motorcycle Camera

Selecting the best camera for motorcycles involves considering resolution, durability, and additional features. Whether it's a dash cam, a helmet cam, or even a compact camera for a bike, we help you find the perfect model.

360 Degree Motorcycle Cameras

Capture every angle with our 360 motorcycle camera options. These cameras provide an immersive recording experience, turning your rides into panoramic adventures.

Dash Cams for Motorcycles

A dash cam for motorcycles provides a reliable road witness. Whether for incident reports or revisiting routes, our selection of dash camera motorcycle models has you covered.

With our diverse range of motorcycle cameras, capturing your road adventures has never been easier. Gear up, ride out, and let our cameras chronicle your journey.

Is There a Dashcam for Motorcycles?

Absolutely! Specialized dashcams for motorcycles do exist. They are typically engineered with greater durability and weather resistance compared to the ones used for cars. Most often, they come as a dual setup - one camera for the front and another for the rear.

How Do I Record My Motorcycle Ride?

To document your rides on your motorcycle, here are the two main strategies:

  1. Motorcycle Dashcam: By far, the most exhaustive method of recording your ride is via a dedicated motorcycle dashcam. These systems generally come with front and rear cameras that start recording as soon as your bike is on, thanks to their hardwiring into your motorcycle's electrical system.

  2. Helmet Camera: Another viable option is a helmet camera, with GoPro being a well-recognized brand offering these. Unlike the dashcam, these are not hardwired into your bike, so you'll have to manually control the recording and ensure it's charged.

Do remember to check local laws and regulations regarding public recording and helmet-mounted devices, as some regions may have restrictions for safety reasons.

Should I Put a Camera on My Motorbike?

Yes, installing a camera on your motorbike is a good idea for several reasons:

  1. Safety and Evidence: In the unfortunate event of an accident, having a recording can provide critical evidence of the incident, which can be particularly crucial for insurance claims or any legal proceedings.

  2. Skill Improvement: Reviewing your recorded rides could help you identify areas where you can enhance your riding technique.

  3. Sharing Experiences: If you enjoy sharing your rides with others, through social media for example, a camera can help you capture your journeys in high quality.

However, ensure that the camera setup doesn't distract you from safe riding and complies with all local laws and regulations.

Where is the Best Place to Put a Motorcycle Camera?

Placing a motorcycle camera in the right position is crucial for capturing clear and useful footage. Here are some common placements:

  1. Helmet Mount: Mounting the camera on your helmet provides a first-person perspective of the ride. It also follows your head movement, which allows you to capture more than just the road ahead.

  2. Handlebar Mount: This position offers a stable and straightforward view of the road. However, it might also capture the vibrations from the motorcycle.

  3. Motorcycle Body: Some riders mount cameras on various parts of the motorcycle body, such as the windscreen or the rear view. These positions can provide unique perspectives but might require special mounting equipment.

Remember, the best place often depends on the type of footage you want to capture and the specific layout of your motorcycle. Always ensure the camera does not distract you from riding safely or violate any local laws and regulations.