Mirror Dashcam

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Vantrue Mirror Dash Cam Collection

Navigate with confidence using Vantrue's innovative mirror dash cam collection, where cutting-edge technology meets the practicality of a rearview mirror. Our selection delivers an unobtrusive way to record your drives while maintaining the familiarity of a mirror's form.

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The Best Mirror Dash Cam Experience

Vantrue has refined the mirror dash cam experience, combining high-definition recording with a sleek, reflective display. Our mirror cams seamlessly overlay your view with critical driving information, ensuring safety without distraction.

Enhanced Visibility and Safety

Our mirror dash cams enhance your on-road safety by offering wide-angle recording that captures more of your surroundings. This expanded field of vision is crucial for detecting potential hazards and providing comprehensive coverage of your driving environment.

Dual-Lens Technology for Complete Coverage

With dual-lens capability, Vantrue mirror dash cams record both front and rear views simultaneously. This full-spectrum surveillance solution is essential for capturing incidents from all angles, offering a level of protection that single-lens cams simply can't match.

User-Friendly Touchscreen Interface

Each mirror dash cam in our collection boasts a user-friendly touchscreen interface, making it easy to navigate menus, play back videos, and adjust settings. The intuitive design ensures that accessing and controlling your dash cam's features is as simple as glancing in the rearview mirror.

Vantrue's mirror dash cam collection represents a fusion of traditional design and modern technology, providing drivers with a reliable, dual-recording solution that enhances vehicle safety. Choose Vantrue for an elegant, feature-packed dash cam that integrates seamlessly into your daily drive.


What are the benefits of a mirror dash cam?

Mirror dash cams combine the functions of a rearview mirror with a high-definition camera, offering enhanced safety by recording your journey and providing evidence in case of incidents. They discreetly integrate into the mirror, maintaining a sleek look in your vehicle while capturing clear footage of the road. With wider angles and high-definition recording, they ensure better visibility and detail. The captured footage can serve as valuable evidence in insurance claims or legal matters, bolstering safety and providing reassurance while driving.

Are mirror dash cams worth it?

Mirror dash cams are a sleek and multipurpose solution that seamlessly integrate with your vehicle's rearview mirror, providing both front and rear video recording capabilities in a single device. They offer a discreet design that blends into your car's interior, enhancing rear visibility and deterring potential theft. These cams often come with added features such as GPS navigation, motion detection, night vision, and parking assistance, making them a valuable tool for capturing road incidents, aiding in parking maneuvers, and improving overall driving safety. Their ease of installation, as many models simply clip over your existing mirror, makes them an accessible upgrade for your vehicle.

Are camera mirrors legal?

Camera mirrors are legal in some areas, such as in the United States where the use of camera-based rearview systems has been approved by federal safety regulators. However, legality can vary widely, so it's important to check the specific vehicle equipment laws in your region before installing a camera mirror. As technology evolves and becomes more common, more places are considering their legal status, but for the most accurate guidance, you should consult your local department of motor vehicles or equivalent authority.

Do dashcams stay on all the time?

Dashcams can be configured in different ways, but typically they do not stay on all the time. Most dashcams are designed to turn on and begin recording automatically when the vehicle's ignition is switched on and turn off when the ignition is off. However, some dashcams have a parking mode feature that allows them to stay on and record even when the ignition is off, using internal batteries or drawing a small amount of power from the vehicle's battery. This mode is usually activated by motion sensors or impact detection to record potential incidents or vandalism when the vehicle is parked and unattended. It's important to ensure that a dashcam with this feature has appropriate power management to avoid draining the vehicle's battery.