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Explore Vantrue's collection of LTE Dash Cams, where safety and technology converge for every journey. Designed for daily commuters, professional drivers, and weekend explorers alike, these cams are crafted to provide security with advanced features. Benefit from the convenience of live streaming and maintain connectivity wherever your travels lead.

Each LTE Dash Cam includes a specialized LTE SIM card slot to ensure continuous online access and alerts. The Real-Time Alerted feature delivers immediate notifications about critical on-road events, keeping you well-informed at all times. Additionally, the Low Frame Rate Recording option conserves memory without compromising video quality, offering both efficiency and effectiveness.

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Why Choose an LTE Dash Cam?

LTE Dash Cams provide more than just video recording. With LTE connectivity, these devices allow you to instantly upload footage to cloud storage, stream live video to your smartphone, and receive real-time alerts about your vehicle’s security without needing a Wi-Fi connection. 

Ideal for those who value security and connectivity, our LTE Dash Cams are perfect for:

  • Enhanced Security: Immediate video upload capabilities in the event of an accident or theft.

  • Remote Monitoring: Check in on your vehicle's surroundings in real time from anywhere.

  • GPS Tracking: Integrated GPS systems track and record your vehicle's location and speed.

Simplify Your Drive with Smart Features

Our LTE Dash Cams come equipped with advanced features to enhance your driving experience:

  • Live Streaming: Monitor your vehicle’s environment as it happens.

  • Cloud Storage: Automatically back up crucial footage off-site.

  • Collision Alerts: Receive instant notifications on your phone.

Featured Vantrue’s LTE Dash Cams


1. Vantrue S1 Pro 4G LTE

The S1 Pro 4G LTE is a high-tech dash cam featuring dual recording with 2.7K front and 1080P rear resolutions, leveraging Sony STARVIS sensors for excellent low-light performance. It supports real-time features like alerted notifications, monitoring, and communication through its cloud compatibility and LTE module. 

This model also includes an AI-powered 24-hour parking mode and can accommodate up to a 512GB microSD card. The LTE connectivity allows for additional functions such as creating a Wi-Fi hotspot, enabling up to five devices to connect simultaneously.

Enhance Your Drive with Vantrue's Best LTE Dash Cam

Check out our Vantrue LTE Dash Cams to pick the best one for your driving needs. Investing in our cams gives you safety, constant connection, and peace of mind. With Vantrue, you're not just buying a dash cam; you're improving your whole driving experience. Contact us today to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is LTE on a dashcam?

LTE on a dashcam refers to the capability of the dashcam to connect to 4G LTE cellular networks. This feature enables the dashcam to access the internet for various functions such as live streaming, real-time GPS tracking, remote video access, and instant video uploads to cloud storage. LTE connectivity enhances the functionality of a dashcam by providing connectivity even when the vehicle is out of range of Wi-Fi networks.

Can I use a dash cam without Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can use a dash cam without Wi-Fi. Basic dashcam functions such as recording video to a local storage device (like an SD card) do not require an internet connection. However, without Wi-Fi, you won't have access to features such as remote viewing, cloud storage, or receiving updates, which are available on some Wi-Fi-enabled models.

What is 4G dash cam?

A 4G dash cam is a type of dashcam that comes with built-in 4G LTE connectivity. This allows the device to connect to the internet through a cellular network, enabling features such as live video streaming, cloud storage uploads, GPS tracking, and receiving updates. It is particularly useful for fleet management and in situations where constant connectivity is required.

What is the advantage of Wi-Fi on a dash cam?

The advantage of Wi-Fi on a dash cam includes the ability to wirelessly transfer video files to a smartphone, tablet, or computer without the need to physically remove the storage device. It also allows for the use of a companion app to configure settings, view live footage, and download or share videos directly from the dashcam. Additionally, Wi-Fi-enabled dash cams can receive software updates and enhancements over the air.

Do you need a SIM card for a dash cam?

 SIM card is not necessary for the basic operation of a dash cam. However, if the dash cam has LTE or 4G capabilities and you wish to use features that require cellular data, such as live streaming or cloud uploads, then a SIM card with an active data plan is required to connect to the cellular network.