Front- und Kabinen-Dashcam

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Vantrue Front & Cabin Dash Cam Solutions

Vantrue's front & cabin dash cam collection delivers comprehensive in-vehicle surveillance, capturing both the road ahead and interior activity. Ideal for rideshare drivers, parents, and business fleets, these dual-lens systems ensure a full view of driving experiences.

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Dual-Lens Front & Cabin Dash Cam Coverage

Our front & cabin dash cams are meticulously designed to monitor two critical areas simultaneously. With this dual perspective, you can keep an eye on the road while also observing everything happening inside the cabin, all with a single device.

Crystal-Clear Resolution Inside and Out

Experience exceptional clarity with Vantrue's front & cabin dash cams. High-definition lenses ensure that every detail is recorded, from license plates to passenger interactions, day or night, providing undeniable evidence when needed.

Enhanced Safety for Drivers and Passengers

Elevate the security of every journey with features tailored for comprehensive protection. These dash cams come equipped with night vision, motion detection, and continuous loop recording, giving you the tools to safeguard your trips from any angle.

User-Friendly Integration and Operation

Designed with the user in mind, our front & cabin dash cams boast an accessible interface and straightforward installation. You'll find these systems easy to incorporate into daily routines, offering peace of mind with minimal disruption.

Explore Vantrue's front & cabin dash cam collection and step up your vehicle's surveillance capabilities. With dual-lens recording, exceptional video quality, and user-focused functionality, you're well-equipped to handle the demands of modern driving while keeping a vigilant watch over every moment on the road.


What is a front and cabin dash cam?

A front and cabin dash cam, or dual-lens dash cam, is designed to record both the driver's view through the front windshield and the interior of the vehicle simultaneously. The front camera records traffic and road conditions, providing vital evidence in accidents, while the cabin camera captures the driver and passengers for added security, particularly useful for rideshare or taxi drivers. These dual-channel dash cams offer broad coverage for safety and security, document incidents from multiple angles, and come with additional features like night vision and GPS tracking, making them essential for comprehensive vehicle surveillance and safety.

Is a cabin dash cam worth it?

A cabin dash cam can be a valuable tool, especially for rideshare drivers, parents lending their car to family members, and commercial fleet operators who need to monitor driving behavior and passenger interactions. It enhances security and provides crucial evidence for incidents inside the vehicle. 

What is a dual dash cam?

A dual dash cam is a type of car camera system equipped with two lenses to record both the front of the vehicle and the interior or rear view simultaneously. The primary camera faces forward to capture on-road footage through the windshield, while the secondary camera records the cabin of the vehicle or the view out the rear window. Dual dash cams are ideal for comprehensive surveillance, providing evidence for incidents both inside and outside the car, and are particularly popular with rideshare drivers and those seeking extra security on the road.

Can dashcams see inside the car?

Yes, certain dashcams are specifically designed to see inside the car. These are known as dual-lens dashcams or dual dashcams and often come with an interior-facing lens in addition to the standard front-facing lens. The interior-facing camera is equipped with wide-angle lenses and sometimes infrared lighting to capture clear footage of the cabin, even in low-light conditions. This setup is particularly useful for rideshare drivers, parents, and anyone who wants to monitor the inside of their vehicle for security purposes or to document passenger behavior.