Discreet Dash Cam

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Vantrue's Discreet Dash Cam Collection

Vantrue's discreet dash cam collection is tailored for drivers seeking effective surveillance without drawing attention. These compact, low-profile cameras offer robust recording features while maintaining an unobtrusive presence in your vehicle.

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The Perks of a Discreet Dash Cam

A discreet dash cam is essential for drivers who prioritize subtlety. Vantrue's models are designed to blend seamlessly with your vehicle's interior, providing security without the distraction of bulky hardware on your windshield or dashboard.

High-Quality Recording in a Compact Body

Don't let the small size fool you; these discreet dash cams pack a punch with high-definition video capture and advanced sensors for clear footage, day or night. Capture every detail of your drive without compromising on video quality.

Effortless Installation and Operation

With a focus on user experience, our discreet dash cams feature easy installation and intuitive controls. Quick to set up and simple to operate, these cameras ensure that maintaining vigilance on the road is a straightforward task for any driver.

Advanced Features for Comprehensive Protection

Vantrue understands that discretion shouldn't come at the cost of functionality. Our discreet dash cams include GPS logging, G-sensor technology, and parking mode – all designed to offer complete protection without being conspicuous.

Choose Vantrue for a dash cam solution that combines stealth with performance. The discreet dash cam collection is perfect for drivers who want the benefits of continuous recording and the assurance of an extra pair of eyes, all without altering their car's aesthetic or drawing unwanted attention.



Can a dash cam be hidden?

Yes, some dash cams are designed to be hidden or discreetly placed within a vehicle. These smaller models can be positioned behind the rearview mirror or in less noticeable spots in the car's interior. They're made to record clear footage without attracting attention, ensuring a subtler presence while still capturing the necessary video.

How do I hide my dash cam?

To hide your dash cam, consider placing it discreetly behind the rearview mirror or close to the headliner to keep it less noticeable. Use cable management to hide wires along the windshield's edges and consider tucking the device within the dashboard for a more concealed setup. If legally permissible, position the dash cam behind tinted areas on the windshield to make it less visible. The key is to place it in a location that doesn't obstruct your view as a driver while keeping it inconspicuous but fully functional for capturing footage.

Is there a dash cam without wires?

Some dash cams operate without wires by using internal batteries or separate battery packs for power. These devices don't need direct wiring to the vehicle but still require a power source. They can offer a neater installation without visible wires, but you'll need to recharge the internal batteries or the separate battery pack to keep the dash cam functioning. 

What dash cam hides behind the mirror?

Some dash cams are specifically designed to fit discreetly behind the rearview mirror, sporting a compact and slim design. This allows them to be less obtrusive and blend more seamlessly into the vehicle's interior. One such example of a model known for its smaller profile and suitability for placement behind the rearview mirror is the Vantrue N2 Pro. Always verify the dimensions and specifications of a dash cam to ensure it fits properly and works effectively in the desired location behind the mirror.