Dash Cams Under $200

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Dashcams Under $200

Discover a range of reliable dashcams priced under $200, providing essential safety and recording features without breaking the bank. Our collection showcases a variety of high-quality dashcams offering clear video recording, wide-angle lenses, and useful features to enhance your driving experience—all within an affordable budget.

These budget-friendly dashcams capture crucial details on the road, ensuring you have reliable footage in case of accidents or unforeseen incidents. Despite their economical price point, these cameras offer features such as loop recording, G-sensors for impact detection, and some models even include night vision capabilities for low-light scenarios.

Whether you're a new driver seeking added security or a seasoned road warrior looking for a reliable yet affordable recording solution, our selection of dashcams under $200 provides a cost-effective way to prioritize safety on the road without compromising quality.

Explore our curated collection today and find the perfect dashcam to suit your needs without stretching your budget. Drive with confidence knowing you have a dependable recording device by your side.


What is a good price for a dash cam?

A good dash cam can range from $50 to $300, with models under $100 providing essential features like 1080p resolution and impact detection. However, investing a bit more gets you added benefits such as better night vision, wider angles, and parking mode, offering a more comprehensive safety solution for your vehicle. Consider a dash cam as an investment in your safety on the road, offering peace of mind and reliable evidence in case of accidents or unexpected events, ensuring your protection and potentially saving on insurance costs in the long run.

Do dash cams have a monthly fee?

Most standard dash cams do not have a monthly fee for their basic functions like recording footage and impact detection. However, some advanced models might offer additional services like cloud storage or remote access, which could involve a subscription fee. Generally, once you buy a dash cam, there aren't ongoing monthly costs, but it's a good idea to check for any extra fees or subscriptions associated with specific advanced features or services offered by certain models.

How do I choose a dash cam for my car? 

Choosing a dash cam involves considering what you need: good video quality (1080p or higher), a wide-angle lens, and reliable night vision. Make sure it supports a suitable-sized microSD card, has loop recording, a G-sensor for impacts, and parking mode if needed. Features like GPS, Wi-Fi, and temperature resistance are beneficial, but it's important to balance your requirements with your budget.

What is the lifespan of a dash cam?

A dash cam, if well-built and maintained, can last between 2 to 5 years. Factors like its quality, how often it's used, environmental conditions, and regular care can affect its lifespan. High-quality models and proper maintenance could extend its life, while extreme temperatures or constant use might shorten it. Checking the warranty and following manufacturer's guidelines for use can help maximize its durability.