Dash Cams for Uber & Lyft

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Dash Cams for Uber & Lyft Drivers by Vantrue

Secure every trip and enhance passenger safety with Vantrue's collection of dash cams for Uber & Lyft drivers. Our carefully crafted devices are designed to meet the specific needs of rideshare professionals, offering reliable recording for both driver and passenger peace of mind.

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Essential Dash Cams for Uber & Lyft

Rideshare drivers need dash cams that can do it all, and Vantrue delivers with dual cameras that record both the road and the interior of your vehicle. Capture every interaction and incident with clear, high-definition footage to protect yourself in case of disputes or emergencies.

Advanced Features for Complete Coverage

Vantrue's dash cams for Uber & Lyft are packed with advanced features, such as infrared night vision for clear cabin footage after dark, built-in GPS to track your routes, and G-sensors to detect and save important clips automatically.

Dependable, Long-Lasting Recording

With a Vantrue dash cam tailored for Uber & Lyft drivers, you benefit from extended recording times, high-endurance design, and the ability to withstand various temperatures, ensuring your dash cam keeps up with your work schedule.

User-Friendly Operation and Installation

Ease of use is crucial when you're on the move, and Vantrue's dash cams are engineered for simple installation and operation. Their intuitive interfaces allow you to focus on driving and customer service—not complicated tech.

Transform your rideshare service with a Vantrue dash cam designed for Uber & Lyft. With advanced recording technology, robust features, and user-friendly design, Vantrue's collection stands ready to accompany you on every journey, offering security, documentation, and the ultimate ridesharing experience.


Can I install dash cam in Uber?

You can install a dash cam in your Uber vehicle, but there are some things to consider. Inform your passengers about the dash cam, place it thoughtfully so it doesn't disrupt your view or passengers' privacy, and adhere to privacy laws in your area. Ensure the power source doesn't cause any issues and choose a suitable dash cam with dual-lens capabilities for recording both inside and outside the vehicle. It's a good idea to check Uber's policies regarding dash cams in your location and stay updated on local laws to comply with all requirements while making sure passengers are comfortable and informed about the camera.

How do I register dash cam with Uber?

Uber doesn't have a specific registration process for dash cams. To use one, first, review Uber's policies for your area, then inform your passengers about the dash cam. Install it responsibly without obstructing your view or passengers' privacy, and make sure it complies with local laws. While there's no formal registration, it's important to follow Uber's guidelines, stay updated on any policy changes, and ensure a safe and comfortable environment for both you and your passengers when using a dash cam in your vehicle.

Does Lyft allow dash cams?

Yes, Lyft generally allows dash cams in their vehicles. To use one as a Lyft driver, inform passengers that you're using a dash cam, place it thoughtfully without obstructing your view or passengers' comfort, and ensure it complies with local laws. Review Lyft's current policies in your area to make sure you're following their guidelines for using a dash cam in your vehicle.

Do I need a dash cam to drive for Uber?

Uber doesn't mandate drivers to have a dash cam installed in their vehicles. However, many drivers opt to use dash cams for various reasons, such as added security, documenting incidents, and improving safety. While not a prerequisite, a dash cam can be a valuable tool for some Uber drivers to enhance safety measures and protect themselves in case of accidents or disputes. It's essential to check Uber's policies and guidelines in your specific area to ensure you comply with their rules and regulations.