Dash Cam with Parking Mode

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Discover the Vantrue selection of cutting-edge dash cams specifically designed with parking mode for heightened security and continuous surveillance. These advanced cameras offer:

1. Motion-Activated Surveillance: Triggered by motion sensors, ensuring comprehensive coverage even when your vehicle is parked.
2. Impact Detection Recording: Provides continuous recording triggered by impact detection, safeguarding your car against potential incidents.
3. Peace of Mind: Protect your vehicle against vandalism and unforeseen events, offering peace of mind while your car is unattended.
4. Tailored Security Solutions: Find the ideal dash cam equipped with parking mode to meet your unique security needs.

Choose security, choose peace of mind with our range of parking mode-enabled Vantrue dash cams.


Is parking mode worth it on a dash cam?

Parking mode in a dash cam can be highly beneficial, offering added security and surveillance for your vehicle while it's parked. It continuously monitors your car, triggered by motion sensors or impact detection, providing footage in the case of vandalism, hit-and-runs, or unexpected incidents even when the vehicle is stationary. While not all dash cams have this feature, parking mode can offer peace of mind, act as a deterrent against potential crimes, and provide evidence that can be crucial in resolving incidents. 

Will dashcam parking mode drain battery?

It's uncommon for the parking mode feature in a dash cam to drain a car's battery, and it can easily be prevented with some best practices. To prevent excessive draining, some dash cams have low-power modes or voltage cutoffs that turn off the cam when the battery gets low. Adjusting motion sensitivity settings can also reduce unnecessary power usage. If the vehicle will be parked for an extended period, using a hardwiring kit or a battery pack for the dash cam's power instead of the car's battery can help minimize drainage and potential starting issues. 

Do you have to hardwire a dash cam for parking mode?

Not every dash cam needs hardwiring for parking mode. Some models can use the car's internal power from the cigarette lighter socket while others might require hardwiring to the vehicle's electrical system for continuous recording when the car is off. Hardwiring involves connecting the dash cam directly to the car's fuse box or another power source, ensuring the cam operates even when the car is turned off. However, there are simpler alternatives: some dash cams work with the car's cigarette lighter socket or external battery packs, independently powering the dash cam. These options offer convenient installations without the need for hardwiring.

Can a dash cam be used as a parking camera?

While dash cameras can offer surveillance, they might not serve as a traditional parking camera that provides a live feed to aid in parking or reversing maneuvers. Dedicated parking cameras usually offer real-time video displayed on a screen to assist in parking, which is a distinct functionality from the standard dash cam's purpose of continuous recording while driving.