BMW Dash Cam

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Vantrue BMW Dash Cam Collection

Elevate your BMW's tech suite with Vantrue's collection of BMW dash cams, tailored to complement the luxury and performance of your vehicle. Capture every drive with the sophistication and reliability that matches the prestige of the BMW brand.

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Custom-Fit BMW Dash Cam Options

Our BMW dash cam range includes models that are custom-designed to integrate seamlessly with BMW interiors. These dash cams maintain the sleek look of your vehicle while offering state-of-the-art surveillance technology.

Advanced Recording Technology

Experience unparalleled recording clarity with Vantrue's BMW dash cams. With features like 4K resolution, wide-angle lenses, and night vision, these cameras capture every detail of your journey in stunning quality, both day and night.

Discreet and Aesthetic Installation

Vantrue appreciates the importance of aesthetics, especially in a BMW. Our dash cams are crafted for discreet installation that preserves the elegance of your vehicle's interior, ensuring functionality without compromising style.

Dependable Security On-the-Go

For added security, Vantrue BMW dash cams come with parking mode and collision detection features. These ensure that your luxury vehicle is monitored and protected at all times, whether you're driving on the autobahn or parked in the city.

Explore the Vantrue BMW dash cam collection and find the perfect match for your vehicle's sophistication. Drive with confidence knowing that every moment is being recorded with the quality and reliability that you expect from BMW-compatible accessories.


Do BMWs have built-in dash cams?

The BMW Drive Recorder serves as a basic dash cam integrated into select BMW models, designed to capture and store video footage while driving. It provides a convenient option for BMW owners looking for built-in dash cam functionality. However, for those seeking a broader range of features and capabilities, Vantrue dash cams offer distinct advantages. With Vantrue, you can enjoy higher video resolutions, wider viewing angles, enhanced night vision, advanced parking mode options, and the flexibility to easily transfer the dash cam between vehicles. Vantrue dash cams provide a comprehensive solution tailored to meet your specific needs, surpassing the basic functionality of the BMW Drive Recorder.

Does hardwiring a dash cam void the warranty of a BMW?

The impact of hardwiring a dash cam on the warranty of a BMW can vary and is best confirmed with the manufacturer or dealership. Modifying the electrical system of a vehicle through hardwiring may potentially void the warranty, as it involves altering the original wiring or connections. It is advisable to consult the BMW warranty documentation or contact a BMW dealership to understand their specific warranty policies and any potential implications of hardwiring a dash cam. They can provide the most accurate information regarding the effect on the warranty and any recommended installation methods that comply with warranty guidelines.

Do I need a dash cam if I have a BMW drive recorder?

While the BMW Drive Recorder offers basic dash cam functionality for BMW vehicles, there are still advantages to considering a separate dash cam from Vantrue. Standalone dash cams often provide greater flexibility and customization options compared to integrated systems. Vantrue dash cams offer a variety of features such as higher video resolutions, wider viewing angles, enhanced night vision capabilities, and advanced parking mode options. Additionally, Vantrue dash cams can be easily transferred between vehicles, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a dash cam regardless of the car you're driving. So, while the BMW Drive Recorder is a convenient option, opting for a Vantrue dash cam can provide you with a wider range of features and versatility to suit your specific needs.

Do insurance companies look at dash cam footage?

Yes, insurance companies may consider dash cam footage as part of the claims investigation process. Dash cam footage can provide valuable evidence in determining fault and assessing the details of an accident. It can help establish a clear picture of the events leading up to the incident and provide objective documentation of the circumstances. Insurance companies may review dash cam footage submitted by policyholders or gather it from other sources to assist in claim investigations. However, it's important to note that the extent to which insurance companies consider and rely on dash cam footage can vary, and it ultimately depends on the specific policies and procedures of each insurance provider.