Waterproof Dash Cam



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F1 Motorcycle Dash Cam デュアル4K+1080PオートバイWiFiドライブレコーダー 2チャンネルスーパーHD録画 F1 は 2160P+1080P/30FPS で前方と後方を同時に記録し、道路標識やナンバー プレートなどの細部をすべてキャプチャすることで優れた画質を提供し、最高の視覚体験を提供します。昼夜を問わず、素晴らしい旅の詳細をキャプチャします。 フロントカメラ: Sony StarVis 8M センサー + WDR フロントカメラ用のSony Starvis IMX415 8Mイメージセンサーにより、F1は昼夜を問わず非常に鮮明な画像をキャプチャします.さらに、独自のワイド ダイナミック レンジ (WDR) テクノロジーにより、露出のバランスを自動的に調整すると同時に、バイクを完全に保護します。 リアカメラ: HDR F1のリアカメラは、HDR(ハイダイナミックレンジ)多重露光技術を搭載し、最大限の撮影が可能です。 コントラストが高いシーンのディテールを再現し、被写体が暗すぎたり明るすぎたりする場合は露出補正を行うことで、被写体をより美しく見せることができます。...

Introducing our selection of waterproof dash cams designed to withstand the elements and capture clear footage in any weather condition.

Explore our range of durable cameras equipped with waterproof housing, ensuring reliability and functionality even in rain, snow, or challenging environments.

Whether it's for outdoor adventures, extreme weather, or added vehicle security, our collection features high-definition dash cams with waterproof capabilities.

Experience peace of mind knowing your recordings will remain clear and unaffected by rain or moisture. Choose from our assortment of top-quality, weatherproof dash cams to keep you covered on the road, rain or shine.


Can a dash cam be used outside?

A waterproof dash cam offers the advantage of reliable functionality in any weather condition. Designed to withstand rain, snow, or challenging environments, these cameras ensure clear recordings even in adverse weather. Ideal for outdoor adventures or for added security, these weatherproof dash cams provide peace of mind, guaranteeing that your footage remains unaffected by rain or moisture. They offer consistent performance, allowing you to capture clear video without worrying about weather-related damage, making them a reliable choice rain or shine.

How do I protect my camera from extreme cold?

To protect your camera in extreme cold, use a cover or case designed for cold weather, keep spare batteries warm, and allow the camera to gradually adjust to temperature changes. Use hand warmers near the camera to maintain a reasonable temperature, keep it dry, and minimize LCD screen use to conserve battery. After exposure to extreme cold, let the camera warm up before removing batteries or memory cards, and regularly check and clean the camera following manufacturer guidelines to maintain its performance.

Do dash cams get hot?

Yes, dash cams can get warm while operating, mainly due to their internal electronics. This heat generation is typically within safe levels and is a normal part of the camera's functioning. Most dash cams are designed with heat-resistant materials and safety features to prevent damage from excessive heat. To avoid potential issues, it's best to follow the manufacturer's guidelines, prevent prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or extremely hot environments, as these conditions can lead to overheating problems and potential damage to the camera.

Can a dash cam sit on the dashboard?

Yes, a dash cam can be placed on the dashboard of a vehicle. It's a common and convenient location for mounting a dash cam to capture the road ahead. Most dash cams come with adhesive mounts or suction cups designed to securely attach to the windshield or dashboard. However, it's important to ensure that the placement complies with local laws and doesn't obstruct the driver's view or impede safe driving. Additionally, consider using cable management to keep wires tidy and avoid any distractions while driving.