Dash Cams Under $100

Ondash N1 Pro (2023)

Ondash N1 Pro (2023)

$79.99 USD
Vantrue N1 Pro Mini 1080P Full HD ドライブレコーダー 小さくてもパワフル!Vantrue N1 Proは、SonyイメージセンサーとF1.8ベゼルの6層光学ガラスレンズをベースに、より優れた性能と高い安定性でフルHD 1080p解像度の30fpsで鮮明なビデオを撮影し、シなループ録画ができます。 また、Gセンサー、駐車監視、動体検知、緊急衝突検知を備えており、交通事故の紛争時に強力な証拠を提供することができます。 Vantrue N1 Proドライブレコーダーがあれば、安心して運転することができます。 1920*1080PフルHD、広角160° ソニー製センサーにより、フルHD 1920*1080P/30fpsの素晴らしいシャープな画質が確保され、明るくシャープな映像が楽しめるほか、160°の広角によりクリアで広い視野が得られ、周囲の状況をすべて把握でき、運転中の死角が少なくなります。 スーパーナイトビュー 独自の高ダイナミックレンジイメージング(HDR)技術により、露出や明暗のバランスを自動的に調整し、暗闇でもより細部まで撮影できるため、夜間視力が大幅に向上し、より安全なドライブを実現します。 24時間動体検知パーキングモード ハードワイヤードでは、ドライブレコーダーはスタンバイモードで動作し、動きが検出されたときのみ録画のために起動するため、ダッシュカムの消費電力が少なく、より長くパークモードを維持することができます。 また、Vantrueハードウェアキット(Asin: B083XB8T7T)には、車のバッテリーが切れるのを防ぐための低バッテリー保護機能があります。 なお、ハードワイヤーキットは同梱されていませんので、別途購入する必要があります。N1Pは現在C型コネクタにアップデートされていますので、ダッシュボードにmini USBポートがある場合は、このハードワイヤーキットケーブル(Asin: B07G9WTWB9)をご購入ください。 ループ録画とGセンサー 24時間ループで録画し、ビデオクリップを作成し、メモリーカードがいっぱいになると自動的に最も古いファイルを上書きして現在のファイルを保存します。...

Dash Cams Under $100

Discover our lineup of dash cams priced under $100, offering crucial safety features without hurting your wallet. Our collection features budget-friendly dash cams that focus on security and vital recording capabilities at an affordable price.

These pocket-friendly cameras provide clear video recording, impact detection, and essential functions, ensuring you have reliable footage in case of accidents or surprises.  Ideal for new drivers, daily commuters, and anyone after a trustworthy and economical recording solution, our selection of dash cams under $100 guarantees peace of mind without cutting corners on quality.

Start exploring today! Find a dash cam that prioritizes safety on the road, without straining your budget. Drive confidently, knowing you have a reliable recording device at your service!


Is a mini dash cam worth it?

Mini dash cams, despite their small size, offer discreetness and similar essential functions to larger models, like recording footage and impact detection. Their compact design makes them less obtrusive on your windshield, which some people prefer. While they may have smaller screens and potentially fewer advanced features compared to larger dash cams, the advantage lies in their inconspicuous nature and portability. If you prioritize a smaller form factor and discreetness, a mini dash cam might be the right choice for you, offering convenience without sacrificing essential recording capabilities.

Is insurance cheaper with dash cam?

Installing a dash cam might result in reduced insurance costs with some providers. Certain insurance companies offer discounts for drivers who use dash cams in their vehicles, acknowledging their ability to provide evidence in accidents, streamline claims, and deter fraudulent activities. While not all insurers provide such discounts, having a dash cam delivers benefits beyond potential insurance savings, offering peace of mind, security against false claims, and improved safety while driving. It's wise to check with your insurance provider to explore the potential advantages or discounts associated with having a dash cam installed.

Do dash cams need to be professionally installed?

Dash cams are typically easy to install without professional help. They come with simple instructions and mounting accessories to attach to your car's windshield or dashboard using adhesive mounts or suction cups. The power source is usually the vehicle's cigarette lighter socket, and the setup involves plugging in the dash cam. However, some advanced models or features like parking mode might need hardwiring to the car's electrical system for continuous recording when the vehicle is off. While most people can easily install dash cams on their own, if you're unsure or need advanced features, professional installation might be helpful to ensure proper setup.

Do dash cams record all the time?

Dash cams can record continuously while your vehicle is running, using a loop that ensures new footage overwrites the oldest to maintain ongoing recording. Some dash cams also have a parking mode feature, which allows them to record even when the vehicle is parked. This mode is typically triggered by motion sensors or impact detection, capturing incidents or events while the vehicle is stationary. However, not all dash cams have this feature, and for those that do, it might need specific settings or hardwiring to the car's power source to work when the vehicle is turned off.