Introducing Vantrue N5 - The Ultimate 4-Channel Dash Cam with Unmatched Features

Vantrue is excited to announce the release of its newest product, the N5 4-channel dash cam. Equipped with an industry-leading 1.5 TOPS dual-core CPU, the N5 offers unprecedented processing power for a safer and more stable driving experience. This dash cam has an array of features that are unmatched by any other dash cam in the market. 

An All-in-one Dash Cam that comes with Noteworthy Features

Ultra User-friendly Design

The Vantrue N5 boasts a sleek and functional design that sets it apart from other dashcams on the market. It is equipped with a high-temperature resistant magnetic GPS bracket. Its concise and versatile ball head design allows for easy adjustment at any angle while maintaining a hidden and discreet installation. 

The compact and streamlined magnetic ball head bracket achieves a semi-hidden support structure, which not only solves the problem of the inability to rotate for hidden dash cams, but also provides flexible and stable hanging installation for the dash cam.

The Vantrue N5 dash cam features a magnetic suction SD card cover design that is both hidden and dust-proof, ensuring safety and reliability. The magnetic suction feature allows for easy and convenient removal of the SD card, while the hidden design keeps it out of sight and protected from potential damage or tampering. The dust-proof design also ensures that the SD card remains clean and functional, providing a secure and reliable storage solution for your dash cam footage.

The optional CPL polarizing filter optimizes image clarity by reducing unwanted reflections. The cam's ultra-narrow and hidden plus hanging bracket design creates a concealed appearance, and the flexible PE pry bar is less prone to breakage or injury. The memory card and power interface have a magnetic cover to prevent dust accumulation. 

Moreover, the 1.6 mm thick black 3M adhesive ensures strong adhesion while maintaining a clean and elegant look on your windshield. 

With 34 ventilation holes at the bottom perfectly integrated with the function buttons, N5 achieves the best possible heat dissipation effect. The top of the casing features 18x2 double-row heat dissipation holes, while the bottom has 17x2 double-row heat dissipation holes, which work together to create an air convection system that maximizes heat dissipation efficiency. The N5 dash cam has a total of 70 ventilation holes, providing optimal cooling for the entire device.

Super Strong Functions

The N5 is designed with a double DDR3 memory configuration and a powerful 8GB cache space. This setup enables the dash cam to record high-quality videos without any lag, ensuring that every moment on the road is captured in crystal-clear resolution.

Ultra-High Resolution and Clarity

With the second generation SONY STARVIS starlight night vision SONY IMX675 sensor, the N5 offers exceptional low-light performance. This feature guarantees that users will have a clear view of the road even in the darkest of environments. The rear camera is equipped with the SONY IMX307 2-megapixel sensor and SONY STARVIS starlight night vision, providing a clear view of the surroundings at all times.

The front and rear cameras feature dual 2-megapixel super-sensitive sensors that capture every detail of the surroundings. The N5 records at a maximum resolution of 2.5K (1944P) + 1080P + 1080P + 1080P at 30 frames per second, ensuring that every moment on the road is captured with utmost clarity.

The N5's four 160-degree wide-angle lenses capture 360-degree footage of the vehicle's surroundings, leaving no blind spots. With WDR technology for the front and front cabin cameras and HDR for the rear and rear cabin cameras, the N5 records clear, high-quality videos regardless of the lighting conditions.

Vivid 3.19" IPS Display

The N5's cutting-edge technology doesn't end there. Its new TS-class recording technology ensures that the last segment of the video is stored perfectly. The 3.19-inch IPS display screen, with a hairtail screen design, seamlessly integrates with the product's aesthetics. 

5G High-frequency Wi-Fi Module 

The N5's 5G/BT4.0 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dual-module chipset ensure that users have a smooth Wi-Fi connection experience. The N5 Dash Cam also comes with advanced MP4 storage technology that allows you to record continuously without worrying about losing your video footage.

The N5's multichannel 5G high-frequency Wi-Fi module increases video download efficiency by up to 5 times, while its Bluetooth quick start function provides an even better Wi-Fi connection experience.

N5 comes with ETH+AHD dual-mirror high-frequency data transmission. This advanced technology ensures that the data transmission is not affected by interference from magnetic materials inside the vehicle, such as car stereos. This ensures that the camera captures clear, high-quality footage without any interruptions or interference.

Advanced Parking Monitoring & GPS Log

The N5's intelligent parking monitoring function ensures 24-hour protection for the vehicle. Its collision detection feature automatically wakes up the camera and begins recording, while the low frame rate mode supports the “one second, one shot” mode and low bit rate mode for long-term recording even with smaller-capacity SD cards.

The N5 also features customizable motion detection, supporting personalized monitoring of the core areas. And the advanced 10-second pre-recording feature captures the entire event, making sure nothing is missed. The parking dim light night vision function ensures that the car is monitored even in complete darkness, and the front and rear hidden infrared light design automatically switch to the infrared mode at night.

The N5's GPS + Beidou dual-system GPS module ensures accurate positioning and automatic time calibration. The high-temperature-resistant magnetic suction GPS bracket is designed with a short universal ball head, allowing users to adjust the angle of the camera as needed.

Powerful Supercapacitor 

The N5 features a large-capacity battery that can maintain system time for up to two months even after power outages. In addition to the RTC battery, the N5 also boasts a 7.5F supercapacitor design, which is twice the capacity of previous models. With the ability to withstand up to 100,000 charge-discharge cycles, the N5's supercapacitor provides a safe and stable power supply for the main unit. Whether you're on a long road trip or facing unexpected power outages, the N5 is ready to capture every moment with its reliable battery and power system.

Smart Voice Assistant

The smart voice control dash cam meets all your video/photo requires while driving. The powerful, convenient voice control makes driving safer and more enjoyable. It can help you to take pictures of scenery, record the beauty on the way, and instantly record the scene of accidents.

The voice command includes: Take Photo/Video Start/Turn On Audio/Turn Off Audio/Turn On Screen/Turn Off Screen/Turn On WiFi/Turn Off WiFi/Lock The Video/Show Front Camera/Show Rear Camera/Inside Video On

Wireless Remote Control

The N5 camera is equipped with a optional remote control, which can be used to quickly control the camera to snapshots, take event video, set recording on/off and perform other functions. Remote or good voice control would help start recordings without taking an eye off the road. When you capture something on video that you want to save or protect, all you need to do is immediately hit the button.

Other Features

Another noteworthy feature of the N5 is its automatic daylight-saving time adjustment. This feature is only available in North America and automatically switches the time during daylight saving time periods, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. This is a great convenience for users who want to save time and avoid the hassle of manually changing the time on their dashcam.

In addition to these features, the N5 also comes with OTA online upgrade functionality, which allows for easy upgrades to the firmware of both the main and rear cameras. This feature ensures that the camera always stays up-to-date with the latest software and is able to take advantage of any new features and capabilities.

With its unbeatable combination of features, performance, and design, the Vantrue N5 dash cam is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to upgrade their driving experience. Vantrue N5 will launch on April 20th, let's wait and see!