VANTRUE Star Program



What's in it for you?

Obtain A Free Dashcam Immediately: After being notified via email within 3 business days, we will immediately send you a latest dashcam.


Continuous Free Trial of Latest Dashcam: Participants who continue to meet the monthly standards for 6 months will receive all the new dashcams released in 2024!

Promotion Support: For social media participants, we will actively promote your content to increase your exposure and influence. 

Event Sponsorship and Collaboration: If you have any car-related events, contests, or promotional plans, we can consider providing sponsorship support or establishing a partnership to drive the success of your event.

Customized CollaborationUsers who take part in this activity can apply to participate in our official regional event planning and forum interactive operation, and get corresponding allowances and incentives.

      Your Role in the Program

      Your commitment is to make 6 posts within two months of receiving your first dashcam (we will send you the dashcam as soon as we approve your application). Participants who make more than 24 posts in total will be eligible to receive all dashcams released in 2024 for free!

      How to enter

      1. Read the Program rules.

      2. Fill out the application form, and patiently await our response within 3 business days.

      Selection Criteria

      While not mandatory, meeting the following criteria will increase your chances of being selected:

      1. Provide a complete personal profile, including your social media or any forum accounts profile related to Driving/Roadsafety/Car/Dashcam (we will only use this information to screen your application and we will never share it).

      2. Clearly outline your posting plan, including the platforms, content format, and creative ways you plan to integrate our dashcams.

      3. Originality is key! Avoid copying others' content, and make sure to submit the required link to avoid disqualification from future Vantrue programs.


      If you are accepted, you will be informed via email and given instructions within 3 business days.

      Sample Delivery

      Upon confirming your participation and receiving your shipping address via email, we'll promptly send out the product samples. Rest assured, we strive to deliver samples within 7 business days.

      Other Rules/Notice

      Vantrue reserves the right to use, edit and repost the content of your post. If you do not agree, please inform us in advance.

      Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!