Vantrue M3 2K 3-Channel Mirror Dash Cam is coming!

After the Mirror Cam 2 dashcam has been made a great success, Vantrue now releases the all-new Vantrue Mirror Cam 3 or simply M3 and exclusively partners with BlackboxMyCar to publish the pre-order of M3.

The Vantrue Mirror Cam 3 is a 12” rearview mirror, 2K QHD dash cam, and waterproof reverse cam all rolled in one to give you a crystal clear view of everything inside and outside. Built-in GPS with BeiDou-3 Navigation Satellite System offers ultra-precise navigation and time tracking, so your video evidence is as strong as can be.

What are the main features of Vantrue M3?

Exclusively Publish M3 with BlackboxMyCar

Get your hands on the Vantrue M3 before the scheduled release date, November 20. The Vantrue M3 2K 3-Channel Mirror Dash Cam is exclusively available now for pre-order at BlackboxMyCar.

Vantrue E2 Specifications

Take a look at the main features Vantrue M3 has to offer:

About The Top-notched Sensor

The Vantrue Mirror Cam 3 uses a 5MP Sony STARVIS IMX335 image sensor to capture the road ahead in 2K QHD at 30 frames per second. The M3's rear camera is equipped with 2MP Sony STARVIS IMX307 image sensors that clearly capture traffic in 1080p Full HD. The 360-degree rotatable interior IR (infrared) camera features the 2MP SOI JX-F53SA image sensor to capture in-cabin activity even in pitch black environments seamlessly.

Crystal Clear Details with 12" Touchscreen

The Mirror Cam 3 boasts a Dual Core Linux operating system for faster performance and user responsiveness. With the Vanture Mirror Cam 3’s 12-inch anti-glare touchscreen display, you can observe dual lens display simultaneously, or view just the front camera, in-car camera, or rear camera. When the screen is turned off, your mirror camera allows can also serve as a traditional rearview mirror.

Adjustable Reverse assistance & Rear Camera Mounting The Vantrue Mirror Cam 3 comes with 2 rear camera brackets - you can choose to mount the rear camera on your rear windshield inside your car to capture the traffic behind or mount it above your license plate on the exterior to double as a reverse camera. The 1080p Full HD rear camera is IP67-rated for water resistance and weatherproof. The rear camera supports the mirroring function, allowing a 180-degree flip of the image. Also, the lines are adjustable to the size and shape of your vehicle, ensuring zero-blind-spot reversing.

360-degree Rotatable Infrared Interior Camera

The Vantrue Mirror Cam 3 is a three-channel mirror dash cam and is now equipped with a 2MP SOI JX-F53SA image sensor in the 360-degree rotatable interior IR (infrared) camera that captures in-cabin activity even in pitch-black environments.

Powered by the 2MP SOI JX-F53SA image sensor and sporting 3 infrared lights, the Mirror Cam 3’s interior infrared camera records in-cabin activities in 1080p Full HD at 30FPS, even in pitch-black conditions.

Built-in GPS with BeiDou3 Navigation Satellite System

The GPS information shows your vehicle's latitude, longitude, and speed. These are usually logged once per second to confirm your location and direction. Employing the China National Space Administration (CNSA) BeiDou3 global navigation satellite system, the Vantrue Mirror Cam 3 provides precise navigational, positioning and timing tracking, so your video footage is accurately stamped with time and speed data.


24 Hours Parking Monitor With Time Lapse Recording

Reducing the recording frame rate to 1FPS, Vantrue Mirror Cam 3’s time-lapse recording mode offers continuous parking monitoring for up to 24 hours. When the Mirror Cam 3’s G-sensor detects an impact, the dash cam will automatically resume standard 30FPS recording to ensure all important details are captured.

The mirror cam is on alert for movement or motion but is not actually recording anything to the memory card yet - saving energy and minimizing unnecessary recording. Here you can adjust the settings for the activation and sensitivity of collision detection, low frame rate, and motion detection.

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