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Vantrue Truck Dash Cam Collection

Gear up for the long haul with Vantrue's truck dash cam collection, specially crafted to meet the demanding needs of truck drivers. Capture every detail of your route with dependable, high-quality recording that ensures your peace of mind while on the job.

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Reliable Truck Dash Cam Performance

Vantrue's truck dash cams are built to last, ensuring reliable performance day and night. The robust construction and high-endurance recording are specifically suited for the rigorous life on the road faced by truck drivers.

Advanced Recording for the Professional Driver

Featuring the latest recording technology, Vantrue truck dash cams provide crystal-clear footage under all conditions. With features like wide dynamic range and superior night vision, they're indispensable tools for capturing your journey.

Enhanced Safety with Impact Detection

Stay secure with built-in G-sensors and parking mode capabilities that offer an additional layer of protection. Vantrue truck dash cams detect impacts and automatically save the footage, safeguarding against potential disputes or incidents.

Easy Installation and Operation

Keeping things simple, Vantrue's truck dash cams come with user-friendly installation and operations. These cameras are designed to integrate seamlessly into your driving routine, allowing you to stay focused on the road without hassle.

For a trusted road companion that records with clarity and guards your vehicle, choose Vantrue's truck dash cam collection. It's the professional driver's go-to for top-notch security and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which dashcam is the best for trucks?

When choosing the best dashcam for trucks, look for features such as high-resolution recording, a wide-angle lens, night vision capabilities, GPS functionality, intelligent features like collision detection and lane departure warning, durability in harsh conditions, and an easy installation process. These features ensure clear and detailed footage, comprehensive coverage, enhanced visibility in low-light conditions, accurate tracking of routes and locations, added safety measures, resilience against rugged environments, and a user-friendly experience. Consider these factors to find a dashcam that meets your specific needs and provides reliable performance on the road.

Where is the best place to mount a dash cam in a truck?

The best place to mount a dash cam in a truck is typically on the windshield, near the rearview mirror. This position provides a clear and unobstructed view of the road ahead, ensuring optimal footage capture. It is important to ensure that the dash cam does not obstruct your view or interfere with the driver's line of sight. Additionally, consider the laws and regulations of your jurisdiction regarding dash cam placement to ensure compliance.

Do dash cams automatically start recording?

Yes, most dash cams are designed to automatically start recording when they are powered on and the vehicle is in motion. This is typically achieved through the dash cam's built-in motion sensors or G-sensors. The motion sensors detect movement in the vehicle's surroundings, while the G-sensors detect sudden changes in speed or collisions. When either of these sensors is triggered, the dash cam starts recording to capture the event or incident. Some dash cams also have a parking mode feature that allows them to continue recording even when the vehicle is parked and the engine is turned off, using either motion detection or impact sensors to activate recording.

Do truck dash cams record when the truck is off?

Some truck dash cams have a parking mode feature that allows them to continue recording even when the truck is off. This feature requires a continuous power supply and activates the dash cam when it detects motion or an impact. It provides security and captures potential incidents or vandalism while the truck is parked.