Hidden Dash Cam

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Vantrue Hidden Dash Cam Collection

Discover the Vantrue hidden dash cam collection: sleek, subtle devices engineered for drivers who prefer a discreet way to monitor their vehicles.

Discreet Monitoring with Hidden Dash Cam

The Vantrue hidden dash cams are designed to blend seamlessly into your vehicle's interior. These compact cameras provide comprehensive recording without drawing attention, ensuring security without sacrificing aesthetics.

Unobtrusive Design, Full-Featured Performance

Though small in form, Vantrue's hidden dash cams do not compromise on functionality. Enjoy full HD recording, wide-angle views, and user-friendly interfaces, all packaged in a design that's virtually invisible to passengers and onlookers.

Effortless Installation and Setup

Install your Vantrue hidden dash cam with ease. The straightforward mounting process allows you to set up your camera quickly, maintaining your vehicle's clean look while adding a layer of security.

Continuous Protection Without Distraction

Vantrue's hidden dash cams offer continuous recording without adding clutter or distractions to your dashboard. Drive with the confidence that comes from knowing every trip is being securely captured in the background.

The Vantrue hidden dash cam collection is the perfect choice for those seeking effective, discreet vehicle surveillance. These cameras not only protect your vehicle but also maintain its original interior design integrity, providing you with both safety and style.


Can a dash cam be hidden?

Yes, a dash cam can be hidden or discreetly installed in a vehicle. Hidden dash cams are designed to be inconspicuous and blend seamlessly into the vehicle's interior, making them less noticeable to passengers or potential thieves. These dash cams are typically smaller in size and can be strategically placed to minimize their visibility from both inside and outside the vehicle.

Here are a few ways to hide a dash cam:

1. Behind the Rearview Mirror: Mount the dash cam discreetly behind the rearview mirror for minimal visibility.
2. In the A-Pillar or Headliner: Utilize spaces in the A-pillar or headliner to hide the dash cam.
3. Integrated Rearview Mirror: Consider a replacement rearview mirror with a built-in hidden dash cam.
4. Behind Interior Panels: Install the dash cam behind interior panels near the windshield or dashboard.

When hiding a dash cam, ensure it doesn't obstruct the driver's view or violate any local laws or regulations.

What dash cam hides behind the mirror?

One example of a dash cam designed to hide behind the rearview mirror is the Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam. This model features a compact design that can be discreetly mounted behind the mirror, minimizing its visibility from both inside and outside the vehicle. The Vantrue N2 Pro offers dual camera functionality, capturing footage from the front and inside the vehicle simultaneously, making it suitable for rideshare drivers or those wanting to monitor the interior of their vehicle. Its discreet placement helps maintain a clean and unobstructed view for the driver while still providing reliable recording capabilities.

Should I remove my dash cam at night?

Whether or not you should remove your dash cam at night depends on factors such as the security of your parking location, privacy concerns, and the ease of removal. If you park in a secure area, have no privacy concerns, and find it convenient to remove the dash cam, you may choose to keep it in place. However, if you park in a high-risk area, value privacy, or find it easy to remove the dash cam, taking it out at night could be a good option. Consider your specific circumstances and preferences when deciding whether to remove your dash cam at night.

Should I tell the police I have a dash cam?

Deciding whether to inform the police about having a dash cam is a personal choice. Consider legal requirements, the potential usefulness of the footage in incidents, privacy concerns, and any specific requests from the police. Ultimately, use your judgment to determine if sharing the presence of a dash cam would be beneficial or necessary in a given situation.