2.7K HDR + 1080P HDR

License plates and pedestrian records are important

The N2X dash cam simultaneously records front and cabin views in 2.7K + 1080P at 30 FPS, delivering excellent image quality with minimal noise and motion blur day and night.

Front 158°+ Cabin 165°

Record passengers from a wide angle in the cabin

Equipped with a 158° front-facing camera and a 165° interior camera, this dual dash camera offers nearly full coverage. Simultaneously capturing the road ahead and the cabin interior, it ensures maximum safety and monitoring for both drivers and passengers.

Sony Starvis 2+Dual HDR

Better sensor, better content

The front camera, featuring a Sony STARVIS 2 IMX675 5M CMOS sensor, records in 1944(or 1440P 60FPS), capturing fine details. With unique HDR technology, it balances exposure to reveal more details in ultra-low light and dark conditions.

4 IR Lights

See Everything Clear Even in Dark

The cabin camera utilizes 4 infrared LED lights, which automatically works once it detects low light in car cabin and presents clear black & white image recordings.

Dual Band WiFi

5CHz high-frequency WiFi Share video seamlessly

With the 5GHz high-frequency Wi-Fi, you can easily setup the dashcam on your smartphone, view, edit and download the video clips to your phone, and share onto Facebook, Instagram or other social media much faster than the original 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

OTA Wireless Software Upgrade

Mobile phone download and share videos

The Vantrue app provides a user-friendly Wi-Fi connection to your smartphone, enables fimware updates for your dashcam via your phone, and allows for easy generation and downloading of your driving route report.

CPL Easy Focus

Reduce glare and reflection

CPL filter reduces reflections and glare from glass, metal, or shiny surfaces, which can enhance the image quality
(CPL sold separately).

One Word Command Device-Voice Control

Take photos, mute/(unmute the microphone, end recording, and lock videos with voice commands in multiple languages (English,French, Japanese,Russian, Chinese). This ensures hands-free operation and keeps your focus on driving safely.

Record any events -24/7 Protection

Four parking monitoring modes presents 24/7 guard to your car while parking.
(The dash cam should be hardwired to use the parking mode, and hardwire kits sold separately).

Pre-RecordingStart recording seconds before a event

15 seconds of footage before it detect any movement around your car and 30 seconds after the event occurs in Motion detection parking mode.

Capture what matters

It will start recording when someone bumps your car, greatly saving the car’s battery power.

Never miss a moment

If set to Low Bitrates Recording, the dash cam will enter parking mode if it doesn't detect any movement in 5 minutes and will continue recording at 720p 15 FPS. The length of each clip will be the same as the loop recording setting.

See hours of footage in minutes

Low Frame Rate Recording allows your dash cam to continuously record at 1 FPS (one frame per second). Videos are played back at 30 FPS. Each 1-minute video covers a real-time period of 30 minutes. Please note: the camera won’t record sound in this mode.

GPS Automatically Sets System Time

Record speed & location accurately

The N2X is attached to the windshield by 3M adhesive detachable mount. And the front camera's mount features an innovative magnetic structure design that allows you to easily remove the front dash cam whenever you want without having to remove the entire mount.

Dual disassembly interfaces

Innovative Mount Design

The front camera mount features an innovative magnetic structure design that allows you to easily remove the front dash cam whenever you want without having to remove the entire mount.

3.5F Dual Supercapacitor

Emergency remedy for car power failure

The N2X's power system is based on supercapacitors instead of batteries, which guarantees more safety, withstands the most frigid cold and intense heat and has longer lifespan than batteries.

Storage Space 256 Upgraded To 512

Double The Recording Time

The N2X supports up to a 512 GB card, so you never have to worry about important videos being erased too soon. Use a Vantrue Micro SD Card for a smooth and reliable operation.

Stay Tuned!

4G LTE Module Compatible(Optional)

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