N5 Accessories

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Welcome to our exclusive collection of accessories tailored specifically for the Vantrue N5 dash cam. Explore a range of supplementary products designed to enhance the functionality, versatility, and protection of your Vantrue N5, providing an optimized experience for your in-car recording needs.

In this collection, you'll find a selection of essential accessories for your Vantrue N5, including a hardwire kit for continuous power, high-capacity SD cards for extended storage, and various accessories that ensure your dash cam operates at its best. Browse through our assortment to discover the perfect add-ons to enhance the capabilities of your Vantrue N5 and streamline your dash cam setup.


What size SD card is best for a dash cam?

The best SD card size for a dash cam depends on your recording needs and how frequently you plan to manage the footage. Consider these factors when selecting the size:

1. Recording Capacity: Dash cams commonly support various card sizes, such as 64GB, 128GB, or higher. Larger cards allow for more footage storage before overwriting old recordings.

2. Recording Duration: Estimate how much recording time you need. For instance, a 64GB card might store several hours of video, while larger capacities accommodate more extended recording periods.

3. Maintenance Frequency: Smaller cards may require more frequent file transfers or maintenance due to limited storage space. Larger cards reduce the frequency of data management as they can store more footage.

In general, a 64GB or 128GB card strikes a balance between storage capacity and practicality for most dash cam users. However, the ideal size ultimately depends on your preferences and how often you want to manage or transfer recorded footage.

What is the Vantrue Circular Polarizer?

The Vantrue Circular Polarizer is an accessory designed to be used with Vantrue dash cams. It is a specific type of polarizing filter meant to reduce glare and reflections captured by the dash cam's lens. The circular polarizer enhances image quality by selectively blocking polarized light, thereby reducing glare from reflective surfaces such as glass, water, or the hood of the car. This filter helps to improve color saturation and clarity in the recorded footage, especially in bright or high-glare conditions, providing clearer and more vibrant images and videos.

What is the use of a hardwire kit for a dash cam?

A hardwire kit for a dash cam does a few important things. First, it directly connects the dash cam to the car's electrical system, making sure the camera has power all the time. This is handy because it allows the dash cam to work even when the car is turned off, recording any movement or impacts in a parking mode. It also often has safety features to prevent draining the car's battery too much, so your car can still start. Plus, it helps keep things looking neat by hiding cables, making for a cleaner and tidier setup in your car.