4-Channel Dashcam

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Vantrue 4-Channel Dash Cam Collection

Vantrue's 4-channel dash cam collection is the ultimate solution for drivers seeking 360-degree protection. These quad-camera systems provide comprehensive coverage, recording the front, rear, and sides of your vehicle for complete situational awareness.

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All-Around Coverage with 4-Channel Dash Cams

Experience the pinnacle of vehicle surveillance with our 4-channel dash cams. Four synchronized cameras work in harmony to eliminate blind spots and offer a full view around your vehicle, ensuring no angle is left uncovered.

High-Definition Recording on All Sides

Each camera in the 4-channel system captures high-definition video, guaranteeing that every detail of your surroundings is documented with precision. Whether it's capturing license plates or monitoring side lanes, these cams deliver crystal-clear footage.

Robust Build for Reliable Performance

Designed for durability, Vantrue's 4-channel dash cams are built to endure extreme weather and road conditions. Rugged construction and dependable performance are at the core of these systems, providing security in all driving scenarios.

Simplified Installation and Management

Ease of use is key with our 4-channel collection. Simplified installation procedures and user-friendly interfaces mean you can manage your multi-camera system without any hassle. Quick access to recorded footage ensures that you can review and share videos effortlessly.

Discover the comprehensive security of Vantrue's 4-channel dash cam collection. With unparalleled coverage, high-fidelity recording, and robust construction, these systems are an investment in your driving safety and peace of mind. Enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing every angle is being monitored as you navigate the roads.


What is a 4-channel dash cam?

A 4-channel dash cam system enhances vehicle surveillance by using four cameras to cover the entire perimeter of the vehicle, including front, rear, and both sides. This setup greatly expands the driver's view, capturing more of the vehicle's environment and helping to eliminate blind spots. It's ideal for commercial vehicles, fleet management, or anyone needing a 360-degree perspective for enhanced safety and security on the road.

Can police check your dash cam?

Yes, police can request to check your dash cam footage under certain circumstances. If an officer believes your dash cam footage contains evidence of a crime or relevant information to an investigation, such as a traffic accident you were involved in, they may ask to view it. In some jurisdictions, they may need your consent to do so, or they might obtain a court order or subpoena to access the recordings if you do not volunteer the footage. It's also worth noting that in the event of a traffic stop or at the scene of an accident, voluntarily sharing dash cam footage could help clarify the situation. However, laws regarding dash cam footage access can vary by region, so it's important to be familiar with local laws and regulations.

Do dashcams show speed?

Some dash cams are equipped with GPS modules that can record and display your vehicle's speed on the video footage or in a separate log file. If you want your dash cam to show speed, you should look for models that specifically include GPS functionality for tracking speed accurately. Not all dash cams have this feature, so it's important to verify the specifications before purchasing.

Can dashcams see in the dark?

Dash cams with night vision can capture footage in low-light conditions using technologies like infrared LEDs, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), and sensitive image sensors. While these features improve nighttime recording, the clarity might not be as high as in daylight, and the performance varies across different dash cam models.