Dash Cam with Live Stream

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Vantrue Dash Cams with Live Stream: Share Your Drive in Real Time

Discover the cutting-edge collection of Vantrue dash cams with live stream capabilities, revolutionizing the way you capture and share your driving moments. With live streaming technology, you can broadcast your drive in real time, providing a new level of convenience, safety, and connectivity.

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Live Stream Your Adventure

Stay connected like never before with Vantrue dash cams that offer live streaming functionality. Whether you want to share breathtaking scenery, document unexpected incidents, or simply stay connected with loved ones, live streaming allows you to instantly share your drive with others, adding an extra layer of excitement to your journey.

Real-Time Monitoring for Added Safety

Vantrue dash cams with live stream provide real-time monitoring, empowering you with an additional layer of safety. With the ability to stream your drive to your smartphone or other devices, you can keep an eye on the road ahead and stay vigilant, ensuring a safer driving experience for you and your passengers.

Capture and Preserve Every Moment

With Vantrue's live stream-enabled dash cams, you can capture and preserve every moment of your drive. From stunning landscapes to unexpected events, these dash cams ensure that no detail is missed. Recordings can be saved locally or streamed directly to the cloud, allowing you to revisit and share your drive later with ease.

Choose a Dash Cam that Fits Your Needs

Vantrue offers a diverse range of dash cams with live stream capabilities, catering to the unique requirements of every driver. Whether you need a compact model for discreet recording or a dual-lens setup for comprehensive coverage, Vantrue has you covered. Choose the perfect dash cam to suit your preferences and experience the power of live streaming on the road.

Uncompromising Quality and Performance

Vantrue dash cams are renowned for their exceptional quality and performance. Equipped with high-resolution lenses and advanced technology, these dash cams deliver crystal-clear recordings, even in low-light conditions. With live stream capabilities, Vantrue ensures that you can share your drive without sacrificing the quality of your footage.


Can you live stream a dash cam?

Yes, with recent advancements in dash cam technology, there are Vantrue dash cam models that offer Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to connect your dash cam to your smartphone and potentially facilitate live streaming. By connecting your phone to the dash cam via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can access the live feed from the camera and stream it directly to your phone in real-time. This feature enhances convenience and allows you to share your drive with others or monitor the road ahead while on the go. It's important to check the specifications of specific Vantrue dash cam models to determine if live streaming is supported and to ensure compatibility with your smartphone for a seamless live streaming experience.

Can I view my dash cam remotely?

Yes, depending on your dash cam's features, you may be able to view it remotely. With Wi-Fi or cloud connectivity, you can connect your smartphone or other devices to your dash cam and access the live feed or recorded footage from anywhere. This allows you to conveniently monitor your dash cam remotely and view the footage on the go, providing added convenience and peace of mind.

Can I watch my dash cam from my phone?

Yes, in many cases, you can watch the feed from your dash cam on your phone. Dash cams with Wi-Fi allow you to connect your phone to the dash cam and use a dedicated app to view the live feed or recorded footage remotely. By connecting your phone to the dash cam's Wi-Fi network or through other wireless connectivity options, you can conveniently monitor and watch your dash cam's footage directly on your smartphone. This feature provides flexibility and convenience, allowing you to keep an eye on the road or access recorded videos from your dash cam while on the go. It's important to check the compatibility and specific instructions for your dash cam model to ensure proper setup  for viewing on your phone.

How does Wi-Fi work on dash cam?

Wi-Fi connectivity in a dash cam allows the dash cam to create its own wireless network. You can connect your smartphone to this network by selecting the dash cam's network and entering the provided password. Once connected, you can use a dedicated mobile app to view the live feed, access recorded footage, adjust settings, and transfer files between the dash cam and your phone. It provides a convenient way to control and interact with the dash cam wirelessly.