4G Dash Cams

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S1 Pro 4G LTE

Welcome to our 4G Dash Cam collection! These cameras are built to keep you safe and connected while you're driving. No matter if you drive to work every day, are a pro behind the wheel, or just want to be safer on the road, we've got something for you. Our dash cams are easy to use and help you stay in touch, no matter where you go.

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Why Choose a 4G Dash Cam?

4G dash cams offer far more than simple footage recording; they deliver unwavering connectivity, precise real-time tracking, and immediate updates about your vehicle straight to your smartphone. 

Equipped with advanced features such as live streaming, GPS tracking, and emergency SOS services, our 4G dash cams transcend typical devices to become your proactive, vigilant co-pilots on every journey.

Enhanced Features of Our 4G Dash Cams


1. Live Streaming Capability

Experience the security of seeing real-time footage of your vehicle's surroundings, no matter your location. This feature provides not just peace of mind, but also instant access to live information, ensuring you're always connected and in control.

2. GPS Tracking

Maintain precise track of your vehicle with unparalleled accuracy. Our GPS tracking is indispensable for fleet managers and essential for car owners who value security and efficiency. Know where your vehicle is at all times and manage your assets more effectively.

3. Impact Detection and Instant Alerts

Stay informed the moment an incident occurs with instant alerts. Our technology ensures rapid response times, crucial for addressing emergencies swiftly and efficiently. Protect yourself and your vehicle with proactive security alerts that keep you one step ahead.

4. Cloud Storage Solutions

Effortlessly back up your video footage to the cloud with robust security measures that safeguard your data. Access and share your videos easily, anytime and anywhere, without the hassle of physical storage limits. This seamless integration means your important footage is always ready when you need it.

Top 4G Dash Cam Just for You

1. S1 Pro 4G LTE- The Vantrue S1 Pro 4G LTE is an advanced dash cam that sets a new standard in vehicle surveillance technology. It boasts dual recording capabilities with crisp 2.7K resolution in the front and 1080P in the rear, utilizing Sony STARVIS sensors renowned for their exceptional performance in low-light conditions. This device supports dynamic real-time features such as alerted notifications, monitoring, and seamless communication, all enhanced by its cloud compatibility and integrated LTE module.

Additionally, this model is equipped with an AI-powered 24-hour parking mode for around-the-clock security and supports an expansive 512GB microSD card for extensive storage. The LTE connectivity not only facilitates essential dash cam functions but also enables the creation of a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing up to five devices to connect simultaneously, thus expanding its utility beyond mere surveillance.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is 4G dash cam?

A 4G dash cam is a dashboard camera equipped with 4G LTE connectivity, allowing it to transmit live video, send alerts, and upload footage to cloud storage services without needing a Wi-Fi connection. This feature enables remote access to the camera's feed from a smartphone or computer.

Do Dashcams have SIM cards?

Some advanced dashcams come with SIM card slots, enabling cellular connectivity. These models can use a SIM card to access the internet, which is particularly useful for features like live streaming, real-time alerts, and cloud uploads.

Is there a Wi-Fi dash cam?

Yes, there are dash cams with built-in Wi-Fi. These cameras can connect to a smartphone or tablet through a dedicated app, allowing users to view, download, or share footage directly from the dash cam without removing the memory card.

Does dash cam have GPS?

Many modern dash cams come with integrated GPS. This feature allows the camera to record the vehicle's location and speed data along with the video footage, which can be crucial information for insurance claims or in the event of an accident.

Is there a dash cam with a SIM card?

Yes, there are dash cams available that have a SIM card slot. These dash cams use the SIM card to connect to cellular networks, enabling features such as live streaming, real-time tracking, and immediate alert notifications, even when the vehicle is away from Wi-Fi networks.