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Introducing Vantrue's 40mm Circular Polarizer Filter, specially designed for use with Vantrue E1, E1 Lite dash cams, E2, E3, N4 Pro, and N5 front lenses. 

Crafted from aluminum alloy using CNC non-slip design, installation and removal of the filter are effortless. Its super slim 5.5mm rim profile effectively minimizes vignettes, particularly on wide-angle lenses. This filter is equipped with a multi-resistant coating, offering protection against scratches, fingerprints, static, oil, and water. Elevate your driving experience with Vantrue's Circular Polarizer Filter, ensuring superior dash cam image quality and ease of use.


Do you need a polarizing filter on a dash cam?

Using a polarizing filter on a dash cam can offer benefits in certain situations. Here are the advantages of using a polarizing filter:

1. Reduced Glare and Reflections: A polarizing filter helps minimize glare and reflections on the windshield, resulting in clearer footage, especially in bright sunlight or on wet roads.

2. Enhanced Color and Contrast: It can improve color saturation and contrast, making details in the surroundings more vivid and pronounced in the recorded footage.

3. Improved Clarity: By reducing reflections, the filter can enhance overall clarity, making it easier to see and interpret details in the captured footage.

If you seek optimal dash cam video quality and want to capture clearer, more vibrant footage, especially in challenging lighting conditions, a polarizing filter is a valuable addition to maximize your dash cam's functions and ensure high-quality recordings.